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University of Nevada Las Vegas! Leah how are you doing on this bright and shiny Saturday morning? It is absolutely amazing. The weather is gorgeous. It is perfect. It is really. All you entrepreneurs out there you know what I'm going to say. Have you done your exercising today? Have you been out for your walk or your bike ride or your skateboarding? I want to know are you taking care of yourself? You have to take care of yourself so you got to get out there and get the blood pumping. Leah, have you had your walk today? Of course not. Oh boy. Of course not. Why would I do that? Why? Every week we ask why. Just why. I ask her this every week. Just why? Every week she's so perturbed with me. Why are you asking me that? You know I'm trying to get her pumped up. She's trying to get me on the Peloton. And it's so funny because I got, he was telling you we're getting close. Okay. Let's get closer. We talking. We weren't talking before. We talking now. We engaging. I moved it to another room to hope that I would get on it. That didn't happen either. Oh boy. I mean, we're going to get there. Okay. I want to get there. But today we're going to jump right into it. I don't think we have any events coming up. No, we don't have any events coming up.

Right just yet, but I'm sure a lot are going to be coming up soon.

And this is the 4th of July weekend. So everybody should be, yeah, you know, everybody should be.

Who's invited me to a barbecue? Because after the barbecue is over, I'm going on my real diet.

Real diet.

And with that being said.

No, let's talk about it. So, you didn't know, well, a couple of years ago Miranda was on Facebook you know Miranda's all been working out and stuff and she had this bright idea me her and Christy that we're going fast mm-hmm and I thought she was absolutely out of her mind because it was 10 days just juice mm-hmm and I was like what would I was like to pretend the whole day she was like here for 10 days. It's just juice and I'm like, okay, so we she got the name off of Instagram, right? So on Instagram, mm-hmm He comes to my house and delivers All of our juice me Miranda and Christy our first five days. Mm-hmm, and I'm sitting like oh my god He's gonna come and deliver to us And so we we organized it in the refrigerator day one day two They do three forty five whatever and we did it for 10 days and it was actually fun to do it with friends because you should have seen us going through the motions on day four It's like you want to know what I need a whole chicken not even a chicken when the whole chicken But we did it successfully. Okay, um turn around, you know, we said we were gonna do it again, but you know life happens Last month I contacted them. I'm like, yo, remember the guy that we did the juicing from and they were like, yeah I said does anybody remember his name? Crickets. Nobody answered me. So because our phones are what they are and they save all of our text messages. Right. I had it in my text messages. Fantastic. From 2020, that's how I knew it was 2021. Right. And I'm laughing because when I contacted him he instantly remembered who we were. Mm-hmm. And I tried to get them to go along with me but they were like no. So I did. Okay. So David, welcome to our show. Mr. David Ricketts from Pitcher Perfect. Pitch a Perfect Juice. That's right. Pitch a Perfect Juice. And let me just tell you, the customer service was amazing. He couldn't get me in because I called him right before we went on to Conclave. And I told him, well, he couldn't get me in before. I was like, well, I'm about to go away. I can't do it that week right and he immediately followed up and I started doing first from June 1st to June 10 mm-hmm amazing and I was like I don't want to do the whole thing I just want to do salads he said okay we can do salads and then let's work into a lifestyle change so David welcome to our show how are you I'm doing well thank you so much for having me on yeah okay first of all why did you start this type of business? Well, myself, well I started juicing myself about 17 years ago. I actually had to go to the ER because of acute pancreatitis. Oh. So after I got out I was in hospital I think for about three or four days after I got out. I'm a reader and a researcher so I started reading more about health and pancreatitis specifically and the first thing that I came across was either water fasting or juice fasting to help out. So I started doing that. Fast forward probably 10 years later, I had a friend that saw me post juicing, that I was juicing for myself on Instagram and he sent me an inbox message that said, how much? And me with my business mindset, I was like, I got a business. So I started with him and with him, his success story is really what propelled it to what it is today because he had type 2 diabetes. He had other health issues as well. And within a month we reversed his diabetes. Wow. So I can say to date, I have at least two dozen clients that we've reversed their diabetes among other things as well. So overall the business started about, really started about

six, about five years ago. And I've been progressing with it ever since.

That's fantastic. Yeah. That is really fantastic. Because, you know, as entrepreneurs, we have to really take care of ourselves. Because, you know, if we don't do it, who will? Yes. And if we're leading small businesses, and we have other people to depend on us, then we need to make sure that our health, which includes our mental, is working properly.


So I love it.

So tell me something. So you juice, so you juice every day, you create juices, because they're all fresh, right? No preservatives, anything like that. And so you would give a client, say if I became a client and I wanted to do a five day juice, you would provide me the juices for those five days.


So I would provide, I would actually just like Leah said, I would deliver it to your house to your business And I provide you with a meal plan as well. Okay, not just oh, here's your juice. Okay, I'll let you know Okay, you're gonna drink three bottles a day or five bottles a day Whatever the case is and this is the list of fruits and vegetables and things that you can eat or recommended to eat So that you have the maximum maximum results for what you're trying to accomplish. Mm-hmm

I think it's great for everybody to detox. Oh, yeah to step back From doing some of the things and eating and drinking some of the things they've been doing that's right ever And it's helpful right mm-hmm and it's good. Okay, so y'all y'all know I just had some I had a beet juice He makes this beet juice and I know how I don't like beets I mean, I don't like beets but this beet juice if I could just juice off of this, but he said, no Leah, you gotta have the other stuff. That's the one I get the, I mean, I get more of that than anything else because I like that. And it's, I mean, it's smooth. I mean, it just soothes my senses, you know, it's good. So ladies and gentlemen, I had the opportunity of trying the beet juice today before the show and it is fantastic. And then I have another flavor. I have the Summer Madness and I'm going to take home This made up of pineapple and ginger and a lot of good things that I love but he also has other flavors He has Apple Delight. He has the beatdown which we talked about. He has celebration mimosa purple rain summer madness Sweet greens and tropical G and they come in 16 ounce bottles and the bottles are recyclable So once you finish your bottles he wants them back so you cannot throw them out and you may move forward you know having you know having more detox or maybe somebody in your family might try it so after you try it and you love it somebody else might try it. Well not only that it's a detox tea too. Oh it's a tea as well. He does a tea also. Okay I have multiple teas.

I have it depends on what someone's detoxing from or for. I have a kidney detox tea, I have a liver detox tea, a colon detox, I have just different ones. So it really depends on what the goal is. And for the most part, most people, when they contact me, it's, you know, I wanna lose weight or I just wanna feel good, I just need to eat better. Now, those are the main things. But once in a while, I'll get somebody that says, hey, I've been diagnosed with X, Y, and Z.

Years ago, before the pandemic,

I had someone that was juicing with me every week. And then all of a sudden, probably a few months went by, it just hit her. She's like, you know what, I have a cousin, I think it was a cousin who is stage four cancer. So without getting into personal details about the person, the person was bedridden at home, hospice, actually, that's what it was. And hadn't had a bowel movement, I believe, in like over a month.

Oh wow.

So when I got there, a lot of beat down, a lot of sweet greens, but the family texted me or called me two days later and said she had her first bowel movement. And things were starting to flow again. But what it was, just unfortunately we got to her too late. And it was shortly after that, that's when I started mixing certain herbs in certain juices for people. So it's not just juice, it's not just teas, but I also have herbs to help out with certain things.

Yeah, yeah for you people like Leah who don't want to exercise just quite yet I highly recommend

a detox for yourself.

We're gonna get her there. But see she didn't give you the full disclaimer. I used to exercise. I like yoga. I like hot yoga and my hot yoga studio closed. I'm kind of in mourning. Let me mourn. Let me mourn. They closed my studio after COVID. Well, right after COVID, they did close the studio because rents were going up so high that they couldn't afford to keep the studio. So a lot of the smaller studios. So I have to find another studio that does what I like. Yoga. Yeah. Love yoga. And I can do it at home, but it's not the same.

It's different.

That is true, ladies and gentlemen.

It's totally different. She does love yoga.

I love yoga.

She's been doing it for years. For years. She's been doing, she was doing hot yoga for years. For years. She always talked about it. Loved it.

And then, you know, things happen. Yeah, I mean, I was trying to get riding bikes and walking. I don't want to do it. It's different.

I like yoga. Hey, Miranda, she has that pool in the backyard.

Yes, she does.

That she should be taking advantage of.

See, now y'all are in my business. We all need sun. We need that right now. And it's pretty too because the flowers blooming back there and everything. It's absolutely gorgeous back there. But that's not we're not talking about that. We're talking about the yoga studio and everybody you know does a downward dog and me and downward dog I'm not I can do all the other poses but me and down you know we get the downward dog. I'm going home to do that tonight. But anyway you can contact Mr. Ricketts at 702-419-4813. Again 702-419-4813. And you can find him on Instagram and Facebook. You can find him Picture Perfect Juice Las Vegas Nevada on Instagram and Facebook. And it and it has wonderful photos of all the delicious looking juices and the packaging and I'm so excited because after this 4th of July I'm going to actually try the product. Now Leah loves the product but now I have to try it for myself. So I want to make sure I'm just so excited because I'm really enjoying this beet juice so I know the summer man is gonna be great so I cannot wait to get home and have that. Well the biggest thing about it is too, Rhonda, even to bring him on here, I was like, do I want to share him with anybody? Do I want to share? She doesn't like to share, ladies and gentlemen. I love to share, but this right, cause only the personalized service, right? And he's delivered to my home. He's delivered to, he's like, where are you going to be? I was like, well, I'm at the office. He's like, I'm going to come to the office. I'll be there in 15 minutes and showing up in 13 minutes I'm just like he's at the door. But the service is exceptional and because the juices when you pick what you want they're made to order. Okay I was going to ask that question. So I mean he's going he's going to the grocery remember like the black pot he's going to the grocery store he's getting the things fresh and he's juicing them packaging them and he's going to lay them out for you. He puts each day in, I mean, each group of juice in a bag.


So that you can lay it out the way you need to. And if you want him to, well, put it in day one, day two, day three. He'll do that for you. You'll have five bags. Now it's up to you to drink the bag. You'll drink what's in the bag. You know, with the meal plan. And sometimes as entrepreneurs, for me, you're just like during tax season, just that busy. Yeah. I need it laid out. I just need to know I can just go in and grab these and I can go.

So let's talk about your programs because you have programs that are strictly detox where you're juicing and you're teaing, but then you have programs where you're doing both and you're eating healthy.

Tell us about those.

So, and that's what most people do. Most people will say, you know, what do you recommend for me to eat with it? Which is fine. If, you know, if someone's just trying to lose weight, I get a lot of here in Vegas, like a lot of models, actors, that say, hey, I got a photo shoot in two weeks, I got to drop 20 pounds. Alright, just juice, that's it. And keep this in mind as well, something a lot of people don't know, when you're drinking the juice, especially the fruit juice, you don't need to drink water.

I was going to ask you that question, do I need to drink water while I'm drinking my juice and detoxing?

No. Okay. Because this is H3O2, it's more hydrating than water is.


So, especially the cucumber, watermelons, those are most hydrating. Coconut water as well. But depending on what the goal is, for the most part, and I'm glad Leah said it earlier, in terms of pork, that's the number one thing I'll tell people to stay away from if you're going to eat pork, shellfish, some of the two most things that will slow up your

detox. And that's what you want to know what and I got a bad for it. Shrimp. Me and him had shrimp. Let's talk about that. Shellfish.

Shellfish. It takes a long time for your body to break down and get out. Yes. I didn't know that.

Anything that's a bottom feeder in the ocean or that's a garbage disposal here on earth.

It's it's going to carry more poisons and toxins in it. So shrimp and what else? Tell me. Crab, crawdads, lobsters, all the good stuff. All the good stuff? All the stuff you need. I just had some this past weekend. What do you mean? I eat some regularly. So in other words, so the bottom feeders, let's just be clear, let's review. You said shrimp, crab, lobster, crawdads, catfish. Oh boy, I'm in trouble. So if you're dieting, and catfish, oh boy, I'm in trouble. So now if you're dieting, those items are not really good for you. Yeah, just take them out.

Well, what about the salmon and the whitefish and all that stuff is fine.

They're fish, they got gills.

Oh, they're fish.

They're fish. They're going to flush the stuff out. They're flushing, they have gills. Oh, but the others don't have gills? Okay, you show me the gill one. You show me the gill one.

I'm just asking the question.

I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question.

I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question.

I'm just asking the question.

I'm just asking the question.

I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question. I'm just asking the question.

I'm going to say goodbye. So today is Saturday, so I'm going to say goodbye. I'm going to go today and I'm going to say bye bye for a while.

Don't get me wrong, I used to be hot and juicy was my place.

Hot and juicy.

That used to be my thing.

That's my spot.

Think about it, we would have that garlic smell coming out of us for like two days after you eat hot and juicy. So but I would go on a three day or five day juice fast after that just because I know it's bad. I know it's gonna stick in me so I gotta I gotta get

it out. So so that sticks in you and then pork is hard to digest. Yes it is. I know

when people stop eating pork totally if if they get a little whiff of it they

get sick. That's me. I haven't eaten pork in 17 years. Wow. Yeah, about 17 years. No pepperoni pizza? No. Interesting. Well tell me what are some of the things on your food diet that people could eat that work with the juicing to make everything good? All

right, so the best thing is to incorporate your fruits and vegetables. Really fruits, really. For the most part. Really? Yeah. So the hydrating fruits. If you're gonna drink something else outside of the juice, drink coconut water. A lot of people don't like coconut water. If you have to, get the flavor, like pineapple flavored, whatever. Eat your cucumbers, eat your berries, very big thing. Especially as we get older, the berries are really gonna help out with cognitive abilities. Water, your melons, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew. It's gonna keep you hydrated as well. Summertime, we really need to get that extra, keep the extra fluids in us too. So those are the main things that I recommend when it comes to what's on the food list. Which vegetables? So if someone is not dealing with a serious health condition I'll put them on some greens. You can have as well. It's really a fruit though Your beets you can have your beets that you love so much Cabbage is really one of the bigger bigger things I'll tell people to have I know it may not be raw Which is fine cook it like our mothers used to cook it back in the day Because I'm very big on cabbage onions and green peppers. Yes. Yes Cabbage with onions and green peppers?

We didn't do green peppers, we did onions at my house.

Onions, garlic too?

Garlic, yeah. You know garlic takes good on everything.

Garlic goes on everything.

Garlic on everything.


So, but that's something to go back when we talk about the shellfish and the pork. If someone was to say, you know what, David, I'm going to go out to Hot and Juicy or Joe's that next day and try to eat a lot of garlic, you want to kill them, because I'll tell you straight out you can have some bugs forming in your colon so you want to flush them out and kill them with the you can use papaya seeds they'll kill the intestinal worms and intestinal parasites garlic as well is real strong to flush flush those things out and you will see those things come out in the toilet especially on papaya seeds you will see those things come out in the toilet so you just eat papaya seeds? You can eat papaya seeds with the beet juice that will flush that stuff out of your colon. Really? Yes. I should be able to lose some weight

fast then because I've been eating all the wrong stuff but if I could get the detox I mean it could you know flush out my colon I could I could be back in business. Yes you can. I like it. Yeah. I like it very much. So what inspired, other than your friend calling you five years ago, did anything inspire you before that but then he just kicked

it off and you just went full throttle? That's a good question.

Well maybe it was just the time where I was in my other point where I was in my life certain books that I was reading in terms of juicing it seemed like that just kept coming up juicing and going vegan vegetarian whole nine I'm not by the way boys ask that I do eat meats but just like you said that for me really was the catalyst. Okay. He reached out to me. I was like, you know what, let me just go ahead and do it. Because I was using it for myself and for my family and some close friends as well for


So it wasn't hard for you to start the business because you were already doing it on your own. Absolutely. For fun, for lack of a better word. Exactly. But you were doing it for your own health and for fun and for family members. And then when the guy called you, you were like, wait a minute.


This could be good.

Yeah. Jamaican side of me came out and said I'm making some money on this. That's

fantastic. Now do you have a juice truck? No. You don't have a juice truck. Okay. Now years ago

before the pandemic, we did have a me and my my brother we had he does meal prep. Okay. So we combine the two he had his meal prep and had the juicing. So if you in a few gyms, we had some refrigerators of people, you know, as they're leaving the gym, they would just buy it right there. We would go to different salons throughout the day, barbershops, I used to just travel a lot. I would just make a bunch of bottles of juice every day and just go travel across the city and sell out. But then I was like, you know what, I just got tired of doing that, so people just placed their direct orders with me and I just deliver them to the house.

So they would contact you at 702-419-4813.


So they would contact you there and they would call you and say, hey, I'd like to try this. Now, do you have any bottles that come bigger than 16 ounce or is this your largest size? That's the only size. Only size. Okay. I have been looking into doing the shots.

I know a lot of companies have little shots like ginger, garlic, things like that. So we're looking into that. When I first started, here's an interesting story, I started off with 32 ounce mason jars when I first started. Now that was something else. Now, recycling those, that was too much of a hassle. So then I finally found these recyclable, pet-friendly, this plastic, it doesn't leach into the product, bottles years ago, so that's what we use now. But yeah, using the glass bottles was a havoc. So some might think about it, if I drop those glass bottles off to your job and you're taking it from your office to your car, you drop it, it's gone. And I've had that

happen before. So having a glass is just a lot easier. I like it. So do you have any internships where you could show a young person how to make the juices, not giving away your secret recipe or

anything, but just showing them how they could do it, how they could start their own type of beverage business.

Vegas itself is big enough as to where I've actually already helped other people start their own juice business.

That's fantastic.

One, so there's things that come into play. Do I have certain secrets? Yeah, in terms of ratios. That's really my biggest secret is my ratios. But I find that a lot of people who want to start this business, in this business, they're penny pinchers.


So the biggest investment that you're going to have is the juicer that you use in itself.


A lot of people that I juice for already have juicers at home, but they talk about the time, it's hassle, I hate cleaning.

Cleaning it.

Blah, blah, blah.

I gotta buy the produce. But there's a lot that comes into doing a business like this. One, I'm very OCD. So I'll tell you straight, I'm not a person, I wouldn't order juice from other people because I know they don't clean the fruits and vegetables the way they should be cleaned. I'll be straight up with you. For instance, a lot, you ladies, man, I know this, but grapes, I want to throw up when I see people in the grocery store, they're grabbing and eating grapes. Grapes are some of the most dirtiest fruits, period. If you look out there, man, if-

Stop talking about me.

In front of me.

Stop talking about me in front of me.

Grapes, grapes, apples, they have to be washed, they have to be soaked.

Because they have chemicals on them.

Yes, not even just the chemicals, but the farmers themselves, let me just tell you, the farmers themselves and grape fields specifically will urinate all over the grapes.

Oh no.

That's not a little known fact, no, go online yourself and look that up.

That's terrible.

It's gross. So grapes, my wife hates it when I have to make grapes for somebody because I'm using both sinks and soaking those things for like two hours.


I never thought about that. They're probably drinking the grapes right now. They're clean. The grapes are clean. But grapes, berries, or something else that really, they need to be clean. But when it comes to juicers, my juicer, I'll spend anywhere from $500 and up easily on a juicer. Some people say, I'll just go to Sam's and pick up a $100 juicer. Right. No, there's different types of juicers, different juicers.

There's levels to it. Exactly. There's levels to this game. There's levels to that game.

You're catching more sales.

Exactly. As you all know, we're all business owners.

You know, you have to invest into your business.

That's right, you do.

So that's the biggest thing but in terms of helping out people.

You don't have to talk about the grapes like that.

I can't tell you.

Alright so.

Cause we always put, cause they say well just taste the grape to see if it's sweet before you buy.

No. Strawberries too.

So I don't know the AP then huh?

You did, I did.

Among other things.

Among other things.

Strawberries, I have a few juices.

Well strawberries you really can't because they're packaged. Yeah. And now a lot of times with grapes they're packaged so you really can't. But a girlfriend, she was saying about how when you do take the fruit home, cleaning it, that you have to let grapes and stuff sit in the sink. And she was like vinegar, use vinegar, some like apple cider vinegar, she was like baking soda.

I was like really?

She was like yeah. You can use baking soda. If you do this with strawberries, put your strawberries in the sink with cold water, put some baking soda in it or vinegar. In about five minutes, ten minutes, you'll start to see little parasites come out of them. Really? I'm not joking. So with there's certain fruits and vegetables I'll only buy organic. It's more money, but only buy strawberries are one of them. So sometimes you'll see some juices that I have are seasonal because if I can't find them organic, I'm not buying them.

Wow. So not only are you getting an amazing juice, but it is high quality. It's time and care put into it. That's probably why they taste so good.

That's it.

That could be why they, cause they good.

They are very good.

I've seen some of these interns that I've had over the, especially during COVID, a lot of people were trying to like, Hey David, how do I do this? I gotta make money. I'm not working now.

I'm gonna share the gain.

That's fine. But it's up to you really to follow these steps in my blueprint if you want to be successful.

I don't know if I could, I don't need to see the parasite on strawberries. I'm not going to eat strawberries.

I just need to reach out today.

That's all you need to do.

Place my order at you.

And have him drop it off.

Just have him drop it off. And you want to know what, I need not to, now I will never eat a grape again.

I know now I'm like, wait a minute, a strawberry buzz coming out of the strawberries.

I got to put my baking soda, oh now I got a whole new, my mind is just racing. Racing, right? But I think about it, it's all in preparation of food. Because I watch people, like when they talk about chicken, right?

Chicken wings.

And they don't clean it before they cook it. And I know for me, I know, you tell me, I'm OCD when it comes to chicken. Because I'm standing at the sink.

Thank you.

Me too.

For a long period of time. I clean every meat.

I don't care what package it comes in. I'm cleaning it. I'm rinsing it all off. The chicken, the steak, everything is getting washed off. But people tell you not to do that. They tell you to take some people, some chefs take the chicken right out of the bag and start seasoning it and getting it ready. I don't know how you do that. I don't do that. I can't. My grandmother

didn't do that. Neither one of them. Greens. There's countless times, even actually just this weekend, when I'm cutting up greens, you'll see all kind of stuff. I've seen lady

bugs inside of greens. You'll see it depends on where you okay So it now are you getting if you're getting them fresh or if you're getting them bagged? It's different. Yeah, but you know, it's a difference. I started my own bag for that reason because I was tired of the bug Yeah with that note y'all this is the end of our show. You can listen to the let's talk with me and Rhonda You want to know what I'm Leah Crawford. I'm Rhonda Nolan

Don't eat no grapes

We want to say special thanks to our guest today, Mr. David Ricketts from Pitcher Perfect Juice. Thank you. Again, he has all the beautiful juices for you so you can detox and pull your life together. You know where to find him on Instagram. Thanks Las Vegas for listening to us. We have a happy Fourth of July. Have a happy Fourth of July. We'll see you next Saturday.

Bye bye.

Bye. You have been listening to a paid program sponsored by Crawford Management Group and Smart Time Consultants. Please be advised that the voices and opinions you heard do not necessarily represent the views of KUMV Las Vegas, the University of Nevada Las Vegas, or the Board of Regents views of KUMV Las Vegas, the University of Nevada Las Vegas, or the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education.

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