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Hi, this is Leah Crawford. And I'm Rhonda Nolan. Welcome to the Let's Talk with Leah and Rhonda show. We're here for you and we're ready to go.

Let's do it!

Good morning, Las Vegas. Happy Saturday morning to you. How are you doing miss Leah? I am amazing Thank you for asking what I want to say real quick before we get started. Happy Mother's Day. Yes, all the mothers out there. Happy happy. Happy Mother's Day mothers grandmothers stepmothers somebody's mama aunties Auntie mama anybody who helped raise any children happy mother's day to you all right no I didn't work out this morning before you asked okay great we don't have to okay that's me and a pal of time we we getting to know each other okay we're talking you're talking we're talking okay I opened up the app we're talking fantastic meditating does that count it does count okay you have to have a clear mind oh you know when you're running your business as an entrepreneur you have to have a clear mind and a clear heart. I can still see my toes. Okay, well that's good. I can still see my toes. I'm looking at them now.

Yeah, they're pink.

Okay, fantastic.

I can see my toes.

So tomorrow is your special day. What do your kids have planned for you?

You want to know what I actually don't know? Because one of them is not here. Right. And the other one told me that he had a Mother's Day card for me in his book bag.

Oh, okay.

He said he's not going to give it to me until tomorrow. Okay, I told him okay Not a problem you plan we plan it's not because you know his birthday is coming up Ah, so he's trying to make sure that he gets that good birthday present. I understand. Yes, you know, not see as a planner Yes. Yes. I like that. I see as a planner. Mm-hmm, but I you know, I know we're in the studio with us today is somebody I've known her for years. We've known each I mean because we've been seeing each other for a very long time and ran into her at Caesars when they had their small business they were talking about doing business with small businesses all these years we've never had you on the show and when I saw her immediately wanted to get her in here she is doing the Mo Bay Fun Fest from June 22nd through the 26th in Montego Bay at Secrets. Anybody have you ever been to Montego Bay and you've been to Secrets? That is an amazing resort. Welcome Miss Christy K. Sons to the show. Thank you. I'm wonderful. Thank you for having me here today and let me say Happy Mother's Day also to all the mothers out there. Yeah I'm telling you mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, baby mama, auntie mama, everybody. Sister mama, I mean everybody because it takes a village to raise children. It takes a village. Alright, so tell us, you've been in the travel business for how long? I've been in the travel business for 28 years. So I started my business... When you was two? Hey, back in 1995, yes. I started in Detroit and relocated here in 1998 and been serving the community since. Nice, nice. Okay, so travel business. Tell us exactly what is that? Tell us what that means. Well, the travel business, I specialize in tours. I specialize in groups also, and I specialize in fundraisers for non-profit organizations. So I've helped quite a few non-profits here in the Las Vegas Valley raise money for their scholarship and their mentoring programs. Nice, nice. Okay, so scholarship and mentoring programs. So how are you helping them raise money? What are you doing to help them raise money? Well, I give trips and for the trips that I give, I donate to the nonprofits. So for instance, I did a fundraiser with the Southern Nevada Black Nurses Association. I took a group of them to Australia and to South Africa. So for every person that they have come on the trip, I donate back to the organization. So I donate thousands of dollars to the organization to help them with their scholarship program. That's fantastic. That's fantastic. Okay. I love it. I love helping the community. All right, so let's look at this. So the phone number, so I guess if you want to get in contact with Miss Kayson, her number is 702-642-2628. Yes it is. Okay, 702-642-2628. And she still has a couple of seats left on the Mo Bay Fun Fest 2023 and that's from June 22nd to June 26th in lovely in Jamaica Montego Bay Jamaica. So if you want a little getaway you feel like you want to get some water and swim with the fishes you can contact. You want to go to Rick's Cafe. You want to go to Rick's Cafe that is Leah's favorite place. You can try to go to Negril, you can jump off a cliff, you can go diving, you can get on some rafts. I leave that to Leah. She likes that part. Oh I did and it was so funny because when I did, I think me and Rhonda went to Summer League after that when I got back. We did and you could barely sit down. No, we were laughing and she was sitting there and she was like can you move?

I was like, no.

And the sunset, have you seen it?

Oh, the sunset is beautiful. It's packed during that time because people want to see the sunset. Because people want to see that sunset. That sunset is absolutely, absolutely gorgeous.

It is, the catamarans pull up to see the sunset. It's gorgeous. It was funny because so here, as secrets, you know, a catamaran comes to secrets.

It does.

They have non-motorized water sports right there

at the resort. It's a luxury resort. It's oceanfront, adults only so grown and sexy. No that's where we did so Secrets is where we did our 50th birthday party I just went on a trip with a group Secrets was where we did our 50th birthday party okay and catamaran was $7 a piece. Nice very and everybody was like huh we was like $7 can we give you $14 we can tip everybody right but had a ball. Yeah.

Yeah, no, Seacrest is very nice.

It is, the resort is nice, the staff there is wonderful. And the chicken man, you got to go catch the chicken man. The jerk cart. The jerk cart. The jerk cart.

The chicken man, call him chicken man.

Call him chicken man.

But for the Moby Fun Fest, there's another exciting element that we haven't talked about. Okay. You want to tell us about that, Christy? Yeah, so for the Moby Fun Fest, we have, it's four nights. We have comedy, that first night, the opening night is comedy, it's a white night, and Tommy Davidson is our comedian from In Living Color. So you know, he's gonna cut up, he's gonna make everybody laugh. He's the joke man. And that means he's gonna be on a trip with y'all.

He is.

Okay, that's gonna be funny.

That's gonna be funny.

That's gonna be funny,

because that's true, because he can bring jokes.


He is, so that's that opening night, and we ask everybody to wear white. That's a white night also.

Oh, nice.

So all white the first night.


So you get in, drop your bags off, put your white on, let's go. Go laugh. Lock your purse up in the safe that's in your room because you don't need any cash when you're at the resort, unless you're going to shop for souvenirs. Other than that, everything's included. Your beverages, your alcoholic beverages, your food, your tips.

But you've got to tip them.

Oh, the tips are included?

The tips, the gratuities are included also when you go to the all-inclusive but I do too because I always have butler service yeah and you have butler service there at the service so you have to tip your butler because he takes good care of you oh yeah does he make sure you eat and when you sit in this house I don't need another drink I swear I don't. And the drinks just coming. And you sitting there, the drinks just flowing. And you like you want to know what I can't drink another one as you taking it throwing them back right and the good thing is you don't have to drive anywhere or figure out don't have to figure out just stumble to your room. No, you stumble to your room. You can lay right there out there and you can lay out there wherever

you are.

It's okay. That's right. It's okay on the beach. So you have Mike Phillips. Okay, so we talked who is Mike Phillips Mike Phillips. Mike Phillips is a saxophonist Prince discovered him years ago. He is phenomenal. He plays all around the world his jazz is just popping I had him on a Bermuda cruise years ago with me on a jazz cruise he plays everything from your jazz classics to Biggie and Tupac that's fantastic I like it I like it and then Reagan Whiteside miss Reagan Whiteside she is a flautist and miss Reagan is popping right now on the charts okay she's number one on the charts. She was just on the NAACP award show. She was nominated for an award. So she is really spectacular. Okay. And Demetrius Neighbors. Demetrius Neighbors. He is from my hometown, Detroit. So Demetrius, his band, he'll be there performing for us. He's spectacular also he is my musical director, he is a pianist, he's a composer, he is awesome he's multi-talented. Collette Watson. Collette Watson she is out of Phoenix she's an R&B singer so she is going to light up the stage on our Wakanda forever farewell night so we have an African garb night I ask everybody to dress in African garb. We celebrate our culture. So Miss Collette would be performing on that night. Yes. Yes. And then Dominique Hammons. Dominique Hammons, he's out of Houston and he is a hip hop violinist. He plays everything from your jazz again to hip hop. Whatever you request from him, he can play it. He is a superstar. He's a young man out of Houston and he is phenomenal. That's great. Okay, so you have an amazing... y'all gonna have a good time. We have a really good lineup. There's entertainment every single night. It's four nights, so all four nights is jazz under the stars. It's comedy, two theme nights, so dress up. You want to dress up in your white night and your African garb, please. That's right. And if you're interested in going on this fantastic, fantastic vacation you can contact Ms. Christy at 702-642-2628. That's 702-642-2628. Or you can go online to www.mobayfunfest.com.

Do that again.

www.mobayfunfest.com. Christy, how long have you been in the travel business? I have been in the travel business for 28 years. That's a blessing. I love what I do. It's fun. I love to travel. I love to introduce all my clients to new destinations, and I love to see my clients having a good time. That fills my heart up. That's good. So tell me, how did you survive COVID? We ask every entrepreneur that. We want to know everybody's story of what happened during COVID,

and how did you win?

It was tough during COVID because as you know in the travel business everything was shut down, the airplanes were not flying, all the casinos here were shut down, nobody was coming to Las Vegas, nobody was going anywhere. My phone did not ring for one year straight. Wow. And that's why I created the MoBay Fun Fest because my clients were saying, Christy, where can we go? We want to go So I said, you know, I planned this festival. I just birthed it. And I said, let's go to Jamaica because there's no language barrier there. There you don't have to exchange your currency in Jamaica. Everybody's friendly. And it's pretty much a four hour flight from any place in the United States. So that's how I birthed the Mopay Fun Fest. So I could restart my business and my clients wanted to travel somewhere. So for the first two years, we were in the pandemic.

Oh, wow.

Going to Jamaica. Yeah. So thank goodness the protocols have declined. We don't have to go through as many steps now to get to Jamaica. Just show your passport and get on a plane and get there.

Wow, that's beautiful.

That's why you have to show a COVID test. Because that one time you had to take a test at the resort. Oh, my God. You did. The first year we had to take a COVID test at the resort. We had to take one before we went to Jamaica. So we jumped through all those hoops and we made it. A lot of us, no one got sick in Jamaica. Everyone made it back just fine because people were scared about that. Hey, if I go someplace I might get stuck there. And nobody got stuck there. We all took care and we came back home safely. That's fantastic. Yes. That really is. So tell me how many other trips do you produce every year? We know about this one, but what other places do you take wonderful people to? Awesome. I have a fabulous trip, an exploration trip going to Egypt, April of 2024. So I plan most of the trips a year in advance. You can put a small deposit down and you can make payments over a year's time if you like, or you can pay in full. You have options. So we're going to Egypt. We're going to take that Nile River cruise. We're going to visit all the fantastic places in Egypt to see. Oh wow, that sounds like fun. That is, that's my dream vacation. Egypt is on my list. Yes, April you have to go with us. We have a nice group going. We have the whole Nile Ship Charter just for our group. Oh wow, that's fabulous. We do, it's going to be fun. So we have some off the beaten path itineraries to take you on. It's going to be fabulous. How long is the trip? It is 10 nights. Nice.

Yes, 10 nights.

Nice. So you get a nice chance to explore Egypt. So do you fly from here to Egypt and then cruise? That is correct. We fly from here into Cairo. We'll stay there for a few days and then we will head out on the Nile cruise. After the Nile cruise, we'll stay on land again and all the tours are included. Meals are included. So everything, once you get there just follow me everything's included. I know that's why I hate to say follow the leader. You don't have to think about it. You know you go on vacation you don't want to think about everything. You don't want to think about anything. All you want to do is open your eyes and go. I like to plan it in advance and I do escort my groups because I specialize in groups I want to make sure everything goes perfectly. That's fantastic. Okay so you said Egypt in 2024. Any other trips? I do. I have a Mediterranean cruise going, sailing to the Greek Isles if anybody is interested in seeing Greece. That's July the 14th of 2024. It's seven nights. So we're sailing out of Rome, Italy. So we'll fly into Rome. We'll do a two night land stay in Rome and we'll tour Rome for two days to see the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, all the beautiful things there are, the Vatican, all the beautiful things there are to see in Rome. So we'll do that for two days. Then we'll board that Royal Caribbean cruise ship which is one of their newer ships. And we'll set sail. We're going to Ephesus, Turkey. We're going to Mykonos, Greece. So we're going to have a wonderful time. Naples. We're going to enjoy it. That sounds like fun. It is. Okay. So we got the Mediterranean, we got Egypt, first we got Moby coming up, Egypt, Mediterranean. Anything else after that? Yes, if you want to stay close to home, of course, I have a seven night cruise selling on the brand new Royal Caribbean Icon of the Seas. It's debuting in 2024. You may have seen some of the commercials on TV. So that is September the 14th of 2024. I'm celebrating my birthday on that selling. So it's a Virgo party at sea. So all you Virgos come on aboard and party with us. And it's a Caribbean cruise. It's leaving out of Florida. We're going to go to Cozumel, Costa Maya, and also perfect day at Coco Cay. That's where Caribbean is private island. They've blinged the island out. You can have so much fun there. They have over water cabanas. If you want to take a balloon ride. What you say? What you say? They bought an island. They bought an island. You want to know what? I'm tired of going to all y'all. I'm going to buy me an island. Exactly. And they're going to bling it out. And some people got the lid here because they got to take care of it. They blinged that island out. So guess what? Not so many stops at Nassau now because they have their own island in the Bahamas. Interesting. And most cruise lines do have their own private island now.


I heard, you want to know what my doctor was talking about the ICON. He said it's going to be nice. He said that's going to be nice. How many rooms are going to be on the ICON?

Oh my gosh.

The ship fits about 7500 people. That's a big ship. I'm telling you, they have a flight simulator on board, a basketball court, a whole bunch of stuff. Wow.

The spa.

spa yeah cuz I'm a spy girl they were showing me I guess they went to the um they he took a Mediterranean cruise with his family mm-hmm and it was on it wasn't the icon it was um I don't have a ship but it was not the icon it's the it's the current big ship it's probably the oasis or the Alluris in that class the Alluris right and he said he and he was like basically because when he showed me the basketball court I was like so y'all just gonna play this the whole basketball? It's a full basketball court on the ship. On the top deck? On the top deck. So I said, so when the ball go overboard, y'all just gonna hit the whale in the head with the ball. Check they have nets up so that ball does not go overboard. But no, I'm just thinking because, and what he was saying was, he said, honestly, Leah, they really wanted land to be, they wanted you to feel like you're on land at sea. And I just thought about the Titanic.

I said, that's what they said, Titanic.

It's so much bigger than the Titanic, okay? But you, and I told, and me and him were laughing. I said, you know, last time my ancestors got on the boat, it wasn't good. So yeah, yeah, yeah. Before you entrepreneurs, I'm gonna tell you this, a cruise is the best trip to take after a long year of work to be able to go to a boat for 7, 10 or 15 days, relax yourself in your cabin and get up and do everything or do nothing. You know? I take a resort. As Leah said I like to tell people you can do it all or do nothing at all. I like it because they cook all your food. Anywhere they cook all your food I'm trying to go there. And they clean your room. You don't have to clean up for a week. Okay, so you name me an all-inclusive resort where they don't cook all your food and clean your room. No, no, I like resorts too, but I love the cruise. It's just very peaceful being on the water because I'm a water person. You can watch the ocean in the pool. Yeah, you can. I'm trying to. But to just be cruising on the boat or jumping the pool. But what I like about it is that it cares to everyone. So if you go with a large group of people, everybody doesn't have to do the same thing. People can do what they want to do. Like when I travel with my family they are there for the food. They're there breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight buffet, the whole nine. I cannot eat all that. So I skip breakfast. And I go and work out you know or go take a tour if the boat stops somewhere. Then I come back and see them at dinner you know. But at lunch I might grab a burger or hot dog or something quick you know because they barbecue every day. Or you can order room service. But you don't just because they have food, you know five different times a day. Does that mean you have to eat at all people? That's correct. Even when I go to Jamaica, I don't want to think about it is what I what I like is There are so many different options because the water is your thing. Mm-hmm. You can see water the whole lot like I like Ricks Mm-hmm, and I don't know why I jumped in but I like Rick's right, but you can see water at a whole lot of places Yeah, you know you can see water at a whole bunch of places. What I haven't gotten to is the ski thing yet. I'm trying to work my way up to that. Are you doing the ski thing? I don't do ski trips. I told you I'm from Detroit. You know it's cold there. I moved away from the cold weather. Now have you done a spa retreat? Yes. I love wellness. Even with this festival in Jamaica, it's a music and wellness festival so I have yoga programs during the day I have line dance instructors I have metaphysics speakers that are coming that are going to have sessions at the resort so you can reconnect with yourself because after this pandemic a lot of us need to reconnect yes I hope you're listening entrepreneurs I hope you need a trip like this so if you can gather yourself and come back all fresh and brand new now can they add days on the front and the back if they want to? They certainly can. I have guests that have made this into a 7 night vacation as opposed to 4 nights. I'm staying there 6 nights myself. So you definitely can. You can add on to the beginning or the end of the trip if you want to stay longer. And you will want to stay longer in Jamaica once you get there.

It's a beautiful resort. It is.

It's actually a very nice resort. Seacrest Wild Orchid. It is very nice. It's upscale. It's a luxury resort. And as I said it's oceanfront. They have eight different dining venues so you're not stuck in a buffet. Most people think I don't want to eat at a buffet every day. You're not stuck in a buffet. You will like their buffet I'll tell you but they have eight different dining venues there. You'll like the chicken man. And 24-hour room service. That's wonderful. So tell me for our young entrepreneurs out there who are considering getting into travel business, what type of advice could you give a young person starting out in the travel business? Well if you want to start out, it's a great industry to be in. I've been in the business for 28 years. I love what I do. I would say if you want to start in this business, definitely do research. There is business out there for everyone and you can start with your friends and your family because I'm sure they're all traveling now. You might even be doing some of the research for them. So you might as well make it a business and then you can really do research. That's what got me into the business. I was researching all these destinations that I was going to more than my travel agent before I got into the business. Because when I go someplace I want to know what is there to do there. As you said, when you're in Rome, do as the Romans do. So I want to research the destinations that you're interested in going to and present that to your friends and family. There's so many destinations out there to seek. I've been on 32 cruises. I love cruising. So I've been on 32 cruises and I don't know how many land vacations, but I like it both. I like cruising. I like the land vacation. So if you're considering getting into the business, you can pick a niche. Pick what you want to do as opposed to specializing in everything. That's why I specialize in groups and fundraisers for non-profit organizations. So tell me, what's the process of getting your license to be a travel agent? Because I know everybody just can't be a travel agent. You have to go to school for it, take a test, and get a license. You do. First, you definitely need to go to school to learn about geography because a lot of people don't know Rome is in Italy. See what I'm saying?

A lot of people just don't know that.

I know you are because you've been there. But you definitely need to take courses because you need to learn the lingo of the business. My favorite designer is from there.

That's why.

Really? My favorite designer is over there. Nice. I know where I know.

Yeah, go ahead.

Yes, but it's definitely a fun business to be in, the tribal business. It's kept me here for 28 years. That's beautiful. For all you young entrepreneurs. That's an option. Come on in, you young entrepreneurs. I definitely invite you to come into the business. We need younger people in the business. And to expose people to the business. People think that I can't afford to travel. That's what I hear a lot. I can't afford to travel. You can plan to do almost anything. You sure can. Sometimes people's deserve level is low and that's why they don't think they can afford it because we pretty much spend our money on anything we want to don't we? Yes we do. Cars, vacations, clothes, fancy bags. So it's all about your deserve level. What do you want out of life? All of it, there's nothing wrong with that. You have to dream big. It's up to. It's just like we talk about, you know, buying property and things of that nature. If you want to vacation, all you got to do is save money. You can save $50 a week, which is $200 a month for a year and have enough money to go to a nice resort or go to a cruise. Actually can. That's correct. And even with most of my vacations you can put down a deposit of like $250. Then you can make $100 monthly payments. That's pretty painless as I call it. $100 a month. We blow that a week on meals. Right. On little stuff. Okay, little stuff. We always say that if you really want something bad, you'll sacrifice. Yes. So if you really feel like you deserve a trip and you want to pamper yourself, you'll sacrifice and you'll put that money back so you can go all around the world with Christy. Yes indeed. Because Christy's going all around the world. That's my mission in life is to get around this globe. It's my mission. It's my passion. I love it when people travel because you have to see how other people live and what they're doing. And when I travel to different places, I go to some of the places you know where tourists go but sometimes I go off the beaten path and I find all kind of restaurants and just all kind of places. Sometimes I like the native people to take me places so I can have that experience. And you know I'm a foodie so I want to eat all the food everywhere I go. I just love it. I love that also. I love to mix and mingle with the natives wherever I go. Definitely. Whether they're US or not. I tell people even when I go to different cities I like to go, you know, if I'm going to Atlanta, I want to go with the people. You do? I want to go inside the city. You get the vibe. You get the real vibe. And it's always somebody, it's always an American somewhere. There's always an American entrepreneur somewhere in the world, where a bar or a restaurant

or doing something.

You're right about that. I took a group to Puerto Vallarta one time and there was a person that lived here they had a bar there. So guess what I organized a party at his bar. Right! I know it was fabulous. It was. We had a what do you call it mechanical bull. Yeah! A few people got thrown off of that bull. One person had to go back in a wheelchair to the cruise ship. Oh boy! Team too much! Team too much! I was one of the hundred black men cruises. Oh boy! See? I told you I raised money for a lot of the organizations here in town.

No, no, no.

That's what is funny because I know in Puerto Vallarta is actually easy to get to from here. It is. It's not far from here at all. It's all inclusive there as well. The weather is beautiful year round. So it's a nice place to visit. I had a girlfriend that went there. She left Sunday and is coming back today.

Oh wow.

Yeah, so I called her.

I was like, did I just see you?

She was like, yeah, we jumped on a plane on Sunday.

I was like, oh.

And you can take a nice cruise from the West Coast and it will visit Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas. That's the love boat, right?

That is the love boat. That's the love boat cruise, right?

Isn't that the love boat cruise? That's one of them, yes. Okay. I remember the love boat. That's how I knew about Puerto Vallarta. It wasn't because I'd been there in the 70s. I was watching Tattoo. You were watching Tattoo?

I was watching Tattoo.

Do we remember that? I remember that show. I remember that show. I was watching Tattoo because I was going to go out because it looked beautiful. It was bright. It was sunny and it was raining in Philly. It was, you know, I was going to see the Puerto del Valle out there. That's why I've been on 32 cruises.


32? Yes. Wow.

Wow. Okay. Well, again, give contact information one more time.

If you would like to contact Miss Christy about any of her worldwide trips she can be reached at 702-642-2628. Again that's 702-642-2628. Thank you so much for joining us this beautiful Saturday morning. Thank you for having me here. It was so delightful talking to you ladies. Okay so you've been listening to Let's Talk with Leah and Rhonda. I'm Leah Crawford. I'm Rhonda Nolan and we have had a blast with you Miss Christy today in Las Vegas. Hopefully you all contact her. For all you entrepreneurs remember you have to work on yourself and working on yourself means you have to take a trip at least once a year to let your hair down. But you've been listening to Let's Talk with Leah and Rhonda again. I'm Leah Crawford. I'm Rhonda Nolan. Thank you for joining us this Saturday morning. We'll see you

I'm Leah Crawford. I'm Rhonda Nolan. Thank you for joining us this Saturday morning. We'll see you next week. Bye. Bye I'm Leah Crawford. I'm Rhonda Nolan. Thank you for joining us this Saturday morning. We'll see you next week. Bye. Bye.

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