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Hi, my name is Leah Crawford. And I'm Rhonda Nolan. And you're listening to the Let's Talk with Leah and Rhonda show.

For all the beautiful entrepreneurs out there, this is for you. Hello Las Vegas.

How are you doing on this beautiful Saturday morning? Hey, it has changed. Things have changed. I can say it is beautiful, but my allergies though. I don't know, would I rather be a little bit cold or this warm weather and all the pollen and stuff, the pollen, the dust and everything else. And every time I go somewhere, I got tissues because I'm sneezing and blowing.

It's not anything.

It's just the allergies. It's the dust and stuff. You know, now I want to wear a mask, right? You want to wear a mask because you want to, you know, you just want to stay safe. Well, good morning. Good morning. Happy Saturday morning. I hope you got up and got out there.

Yeah, did you start your day with a walk today, entrepreneurs? I hope you did. It's a beautiful day.

Gotta walk, gotta walk. And it's good weather. It's a good time to walk. It's 7, 8 o'clock in the morning.

Good time to walk.

Yeah, it's a great time. So I know you got a bunch of stuff going on.

Oh my God. Oh, June is coming up and there are so many nonprofit organizations doing things to raise funds for their organizations, but first I'm going to talk about the 100 black men of Las Vegas Are having their annual all-white linen affair scholarship fundraiser on Wednesday June the 14th at Caesar's Palace Hotel And I'm telling you something that organization gives out lots of money to the kids in this in Las Vegas and they give money to kids who are attending the local universities here in Las Vegas and they also give out money to kids who are attending the HVCUs. So if you'd like to support the 100 Black Men in Las Vegas get your ticket today and come on out for the all-white party. Uncle Ken and the nephews will be performing and DJ Benzo will be performing so it's gonna be some fun. Okay that's nice that's nice. Also you had the cooking class this past week. Oh yes, last week was the cooking class. It was fabulous.

Yeah, we had enchiladas.

Enchiladas, black beans, berry custard. The kids loved it. We had, like, we had, the class was large.

The class was large. The class was large. The class was large. I truly appreciate it and I can tell you guys, if you get a chance to sign up, sign up for the class. It is a good time in the kitchen with your children, just watching them. First of all, you've realized nobody listens. You have to have the, I'm glad Rhonda sends out the recipe, because it's so much going on in the kitchen. You're trying to measure, listen to what they're saying, put the ingredients together, and she gives you everything. So you just have to read and just make sure that you want because we put all the sugar and one not knowing that two things need to sugar and it was enough for two things so we had to use our own sugar so it was extra sweet but that was okay it was okay okay but just reading the instructions the food it was absolutely it was good we sat there afterwards we took pictures matter of fact I need to send you the pictures. Yes, yes. Took pictures. It was a good, it's always a good time. Well, I'm glad that you and Nasir enjoy it because that's what we like to see. We love that it brings families together and that's what warms our heart. And also, I want to let you guys know the 100 Black Men of Las Vegas support them. They're doing this event on June 14th, but they have a bunch of youth events. I mean a bunch, they engage our youth. They have the banking class and we're gonna talk more about it as we get closer to it. With the banking class, it's a six-week class on Saturday morning where the children are learning about banking. I forget, you know, back in the day, schools, you know, you would get a little bank account, a little savings account at school. I don't think a lot of schools-

They don't do that anymore.

They don't do that anymore. But here, they're teaching the children about banking because I didn't realize they don't know how to endorse checks. No, because they do everything electronically. They think that Cash App and Zelle and Venmo is how you do business. Right, but even having the account and being able to go to the bank to see that there is a building where all this stuff happens, it's not just on your phone. The phone is not the bank. Right. And then the investing class, and when they told me about the investment class, first thing I said was, can you do one for adults?

She did.

Because the investment class, they just went over the basics of what does it mean to invest, what is it to have portfolio income, and just teaching the children different terms. I mean, it's a good education on Saturday morning for your children. It is. And this fall coming up, we have the Crossroads Mentoring Class coming up for young men. And we also have the Pathways to Public Safety for young ladies and young men. Well, they will hear from professionals from the police departments, the DEA departments, the fire departments, and all the departments that give us social services here or help us out in Clark County, you will hear from those folks who work for those companies so that children know there are lots of jobs out there, lots of careers. Again, so even though it's summertime, we're going to let you know so you can go ahead, you can sign up. If you know someone with children that are, you know, you just want exposure. It's all about exposure. It's all about exposure. Let's expose them. And it's simple because it's not costing you anything. Especially for you entrepreneurs, none of these classes cost any money.

They are all free.

And the children are engaged on Saturday morning.

They really are.

Children are truly engaged on Saturday morning. Yeah, because I was sitting there, I was engaged. I was like, oh, I didn't know that.

You were taking notes.

Let me write that down. Okay, so, and I asked my son, I said, well, can you buy, I said, can you buy Peloton stock? He said, mom, they're not doing well. I said, not, not serious. He was like, mom, they're not, but they're getting, you know, and I'm like Peloton, right? He said we and he told me what stock they purchased he said and he gave me the reasons why they purchased Certain stocks of whoever you guys had on there Educating them about how to purchase why you want to purchase the things you want to look for they were listening. That's fantastic They were listening. We had an investment professional teach the class and he's part of the organization.

His name is Mr. Kurt Richards. He works with Morgan Stanley and, uh, yeah, he, he, he knows that stuff

because he is doing it every day. He's doing it every day. I truly, truly appreciate it. Just them being able to interact and engage. And then they had teams where they had to work together. So it was team building and I'm listening to the young guys had it. Cause it was a whole bunch of boys and I'm listening and I'm like, oh, okay, all right, I need to have a conversation, I need to talk to them. Me and my friends need to get on that class. It was absolutely amazing. Also, the Las Vegas Inter Alumni Council of United Negro College Fund, they're also doing their jazz brunch on June 11 at the Suncoast Hotel. is losvegasiac.org. That's losvegasiac.org. You know I watch Peggy Sellman, Flora Schaffer, you know just over the years. This is, they give their money, again scholarships for children. So you get to come out again, have a good time, and you know just support some college students. Exactly, that's a beautiful thing. And again, this year coming up, Bison in Vegas HBCU Alumni Weekend is happening June 8th through the 12th at the Paris Hotel and Casino. And we have several fundraisers amongst those four days of events to help the students here from Las Vegas attend Howard University this fall, which is in Washington, D.C. So we're very excited about that. To find out more information you can visit www.bisoninvegas.com. I'm sure we'll have an event there that you might want to participate in. We have a career fair happening on June 8th. We have a golf tournament happening on June the 9th. We have a singles Ready to Mingle happening on June the 9th in the evening. There is a pool party. There is an all-white linen party. There is a brunch. And there is a bourbon and cigar party if you like to puff.

And that's going to be fun.

Okay, so there's a lot of events. And I used to tell her, well, when Rhonda first started doing this, I'm not going to lie, I said, You're doing this like we're still in our 20s. You know, because it's a lot of events and you have a lot of fun.

Yeah, it's a lot of fun.

A lot of fun. A lot of people come in from out of town. So you get to re-engage, you know, meet new people. It's actually a good time. It is fun. So we invite all the HBCU alumni here in Las Vegas for Morehouse and Spelman and Southern and Fisk and Grambling all to come out to support. FAMU.

FAMU. All of you. Lovely. Alabama State, Morgan State, Bowie State, Tuskegee, well before us all our HBCU brothers

and sisters we invite you to come out to hang out with us. Alright that's a good time. That's a good time. So what good nugget you got for this week?

Oh boy let's see now. It is Memorial Day weekend. We have Monday off.

That's the good nugget. That's a good nugget for this week. Well, I want to tell you, tax season is, well, the hard part of it is gone. Okay. You know, we had, you know, those forms, you know, those hard, hard, hard deadlines. Now it's easy. File those. So if you filed your extension, now's the time to get your paperwork together, get your paperwork together, and it's time to get those returns done. Time to get those returns done. So entrepreneurs, again, most of your stuff is on bank statements. Bank statements, supporting documents, things like that. So you want to pull those documents together so that you can get those tax returns done, especially if you filed those extensions. Deadlines are in September, but now, even though it's summertime, and you get maybe a little bit more laid back but now it's time to handle the business. Let's start looking at our financial statements on a monthly basis. You know let's just build better habits and do something different. That sounds like fun and for some of you entrepreneurs there are still grants out there. I get calls every day people say hey are there any grants available? Yes there are. Let's see there is a new grant grant that's coming out here called TEEP. T-E-A-P. And it starts June the 1st. And it's a great great great opportunity for folks who have businesses in unincorporated Clark County. If you're in that area that grant is for you. So you can find out more about that if you go on Google and just put in T-E-A-P

and it'll take you right there to the website that tells you all about the grant and what you need to get

the particular grant. And just understanding, it's an unincorporated Clark County. Yes, unincorporated Clark County. Unincorporated, so if you're in the city of Las Vegas, the city of North Las Vegas, or the city of Henderson, you don't qualify for this grant. But if you're in unincorporated Clark County, it starts on June 1st, and it's T as in Tom, E as in Eric, A as in Apple, P as in Paul. It's the T grant. So if you're listening or you know a business that's an unincorporated Clark County, let them know about it so they can go ahead and apply. That's right. And Verizon has grants as well, but they also have classes for entrepreneurs to take. So if you go to Verizon, they'll tell you about their grant program and they have classes you can take on your own time. And once you take several of the classes, then you too can apply for a grant from Verizon. In addition to that, Hello Alice is an organization that has several grants out right now for many different reasons and many different business types. They have some restaurant grants out there, they have some women-owned small business grants out there, they have some men-owned small business grants out there. So you can check them out at HelloAlice.com and you can go to their

website and find out all the grants that they have available right now for small business owners.

So I want to say you've been listening to the Let's Talk with Leah and Rhonda show. I am Leah Crawford. I'm Rhonda Nolan and we are so happy to be here with you this beautiful Saturday morning. Beautiful, beautiful Saturday Memorial Day weekend. Also guys be safe.

Be safe.

It is Memorial Day. There's a lot of things going on in and around town. So just be safe and be conscious. You know look to your left, look to your right. Just be conscious that we are in a town. We're open. People are here. People are coming. People are coming. People are coming. People are everywhere. And we just want to be safe. Yeah, take your time out there on the roads. If you're coming in from California, you know, drive carefully. You know, on your way here. Tropicana is still not. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. And then, you know, they're working on every street here getting ready for Formula One. So give yourself some extra time if you plan on going anywhere in Las Vegas give yourself an extra 15 or 20 minutes to get there. Every street. Every freeway they are working on every street they are working on somewhere somewhere somewhere here here in Las Vegas. So I want to ask you a question Rhonda. Sure. I am a new business owner I am trying to market my business I've been just using social media. Is that a good place to start or should I be looking at other things? Well it depends on what your business is. I was speaking to a professional earlier today who was telling me that there was a young lady who was a hairstylist who was on Instagram and she gives masterclasses every so often and then at her masterclasses she also sells equipment that hair stylists would need to do hair. So she has her own branded equipment. Nice. So she does a master class and she charges a fee for that. And then she has her own equipment that she uses in the master class, which people can purchase right there on the spot. And I thought, wow, that's fantastic. That is fantastic. And the person I was speaking to thought, this is a great idea. I should be doing this considering that I'm an instructor. I'm an instructor. So I'm gonna have to, you know, pull myself together and get my Instagram game going. So some people are doing well. So it depends on what your product is. Lots of people are selling products on Instagram. But if you are a professional services, you know, product like yours, yes, you should do a little bit of social media, but most of your business comes from word of mouth. So the clients that you currently have if you offer them some type of incentive to tell others about your services that can work for you.

But a little bit of visibility on social media never hurts anybody.

A little bit of visibility. And if you're going to go on social media you have to look a certain way. You do. You have to look a certain way, right. You have to have yourself together. No matter what business you're in you should look your best because you're selling yourself. Now when people see you on social media Instagram Facebook TikTok you're selling yourself to people who could be your future clients you know so you have to look good. Got it so how do I get that professional photo? Well it depends on if you want to be professional. Okay well okay so even even Even even if it's not professional say I am a hair stylist, okay So do I do I do my videos in the salon on a day when my hair is not done and everything else? Absolutely not. You always look your best. So Most stylists I know actually get their hair done from somebody else. Most of them do they go somewhere else so they can relax because you know Getting your hair done and nails done is self self-care okay, so you're able to sit down and relax and take your mind off of everything. And so they actually go get their hair done from other folks. So yes, if you're a stylist and you're getting ready to shoot a particular video to place on social media, your hair and nails should be done. So you should go see your people. If you don't do it yourself, you should go see your stylist and nail person to make sure you look great. Make sure you wear light colors. You know, people like light colors. Make sure you have the proper lighting. You know those ring light works wonders because you want to be as pretty or as handsome as you can be on social media so you you may need more light than you anticipate. Got it because the light lighting is key. I was real lighting lighting can change a whole lot of stuff. It really can. Yeah because the wrong light you look two shades darker. Exactly and then your face should be done even if you're a person that doesn't wear a lot of makeup you still should have on maybe a little eyeliner, a little lipstick to make sure you pop. Because I know some people don't wear foundation, don't wear makeup, anyway. But if you just put on a little lipstick, a little lip gloss maybe a little eyeliner, you'll be good to go. Got it, so just some simple very simple things. And make sure your sound is good and make sure your cats and dogs and kids are out of the way. So you want the children to be up and the cats and dogs to be quiet. Yes I do. So you want to so you tell them okay now Fido I need you to sit over here. We're recording the video. You like to eat. Right. You like to eat. Right. Got it. All those little things. All those little things. Now do you assist people in doing those? I do. We do

assist people in getting ready for any type of photo shoots or any type of video shoots, whether they're corporate or whether they're fun. We help get hair done, makeup done, wardrobe. We help with lighting. We have a photographer and a videographer on staff that can actually produce the event.

So we do all those things over at Smart Time. So how do I contact you?

You contact Smart Time at 702-908-9577. If you need some assistance with your sizzle reels or any of your tapes for Instagram, Tik Tok or Facebook, you can give us a call. We can speak about it and talk about it. OK. And honestly, you want that that professional touch.

I really didn't understand the difference. But when you get those professional photos and you see what you look like it's like OMG is that me? Exactly. You're like wow. Like wow okay got it so you do look human okay. And it's easy because even with the wardrobe you have some things in your closet that you'll be how you look if you just put it together a certain way. That is correct. You put together the shirt, the blouse, the belt, the earrings, the necklace, the jewelry, the shoes, the skirts, the jackets, all that stuff. You'd be surprised. You probably have a lot to work with right in your closet, but if you don't because maybe you change sizes or whatever, we're here to help with that also to make sure you have the right wardrobe to enhance your body figure and make you look beautiful on camera. Make you look good on camera. What's that number?

702-908-9577. And it doesn't take long to do? No, it doesn't.

So the average photo shoot is about maybe an hour or two hours? Yeah.

It depends on how many times you change clothes. Oh.

Now, multiple outfits.

Now, what does that do? Yeah, well, some corporate professionals like to have multiple pictures, and so they may bring four or five different outfits. So we'll do a shoot with different outfits. One might be a dress. One might be a skirt set. One might be a pantsuit. So it just depends. And we change colors because they may do a photo shoot but use the photos for all year. So they may use darker colors to use for fall. And then they may use lighter colors for spring and summer. But you can get it all knocked out in one shoot. Or if you're like Leah, you can do a spring summer shoot. And honestly, she teases me all the time, but I tell people when you were in school, you took class pictures every year. Yes. Yes. You took class pictures every year because you changed every year. You might change your hairstyle. You might change your I mean, a lot of things can change. You have a summer tone. You have a winter tone. That's true. It's different. It's different. Yes. Don't judge me. We're not. We're not. But listen, entrepreneurs, if you want to come on the Let's Talk With Leah and Rhonda show, contact us at 702-382-5737. I know we look for entrepreneurs because we want to spotlight your business. When you contact the office, talk to Jen. Jen will get you on a calendar. She follows through. She follows up. She enjoys talking to you. That's why we, it's easy. 702-382-5737. We want to talk about your business. We want to talk about what you're doing and give you a chance just to spotlight you. Why did you start your business? What was the inspiration behind it? Because you never know who your customers are. That's right. Never know who your customers are. And I know we have, like some of our entrepreneurs that we have brought on the show have grown their businesses. They sure have. And they're doing different, like the Raider Claw. So we have the Raider Claw and I just had some more of his food on Friday. On Fridays he is actually at 845 West Bonanza. Other days he's at Centennial Hills Hospital. Because he's on a food truck, the quality of the food doesn't change, but he found that, you know, just he wanted to reach a broader customer base because Centennial Hills is in the Northwest, whereas the Bonanza location is centrally located where people can get in and off the freeway and come and get the food. And the food was, oh, he just didn't have oysters.

That's wonderful and I want to say thank you to Las Vegas for supporting the small businesses we've had on the show. They all have.

Because of Kim.

Yes, Kim. I mean all of the businesses have had folks come to visit them because they heard them speak about their business on our show. So thank you Las Vegas for supporting our small businesses.

We really appreciate that. We really do. And I know we will, again, if you have a small business or you know someone with a small business and they just want to talk to us, 702-382-5737. You've been listening to the Let's Talk with Leah and Rhonda show. I am Leah Crawford. I am Rhonda Nolan and we are so happy to be here with you today. All right but I want to run through those events again because just for some people that didn't hear them. 100 Black Men of Las Vegas, June 14th, the annual All White Linen Affair scholarship fundraiser at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino at the pool. At the pool, so how would I get tickets? You would get tickets by visiting www.eventbrite.com. That's www.eventbrite.com.

Put in annual all white linen affair and it will pop right up.

Got it. And then if you're interested in the Las Vegas Inter-Alumni Council of United Negro College Fund. They are having their annual fundraiser on June 11. It's the Jazz Brunch and you can get your tickets at lasvegasiac.org. That's lasvegasiac.org. And if you don't remember, you can contact the office. 702-382-5737. 702-382-5737. I will ensure that Jen has all the information on Tuesday so that any questions you may have, you just contact her. She will guide you through. These organizations are helping children go to school because as we know, college is not, college is very expensive, very expensive and everything helps. Every little bit helps. And for you entrepreneurs who have children that don't want to follow in your footsteps or you want them to go out and get some training in other places, have them visit the Bison in Vegas HBCU Alumni Career Fair taking place on June 8th from 9am to 5pm at the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel and that is formerly Bally's. So if you know someone who needs an internship or a fellowship or is looking to get some experience outside of the family business and they want to go work somewhere else, gain some experience and then come back, this is the place to be. There are going to be lots of companies there that have all types of jobs available for people. So if you are young, they have entry level jobs. If you are seasoned and you've been working 5, 10 or 15 years, they have jobs for those folks as well in all different phases of engineering, medicine, communications, English, math, whatever you can think of. They have a lot of jobs and opportunities but mainly a lot of great internships and fellowships for your kids who want to learn some other things and then come back to run the family business. Also if you are interested, and we got a lot of information to show, Toastmasters. So if you want Toastmasters Club, we started our Toastmasters Lunchtime Talkers. Lunchtime Talkers is geared for entrepreneurs because that 30-second elevator speech, right? You'd never really know how hard it is. It's hard to talk about yourself. And how do we get there?


Come into Toastmasters, learn how to be an active listener, learn how to articulate your business without the um, oohs, aahs, and all that other stuff. We Lunchtime Talkers, we meet the first and third Thursday of the month at Nevada Partners at 12 o'clock. Lunch is served. Lunch is served. Nice. Lunch is served. That's 702-648-6222 to learn more about lunch. Tom Taufess. It's a good time. It's a good vibe. And the food is always amazing. That's fantastic. The food is always amazing. That's great. Uh huh. We also want to say congratulations to all the small businesses that were chosen by Business Connect to work with the upcoming Super Bowl next year. Congratulations. There were 750 small businesses that turned in applications and they picked 200 of those businesses to be able to work with the NFL during Super Bowl next year. So if your company was one of the companies that was picked, congratulations! What I can tell you is, and if you weren't picked, don't give up. That's right. Because just keep on working, keep on pushing, just keep on pushing. Because there are a lot of other events that are coming to Vegas. Get your stuff in order. And if you didn't think about it, and you are in business thinking about getting a business, these opportunities are out there. But you've got to have your stuff in order. You've got to have your stuff together. You've got to get those certifications. You've got to have your documents. You've got to be, I mean, if you have the LLC, you have to be current with the state. You have to have all of your business licensing, the things we talked about in the past. You want to make sure you've got your ducks in a row and all your documents in order. That's right. So when the opportunities present themselves, you can rise to the occasion. You've got to stay ready so you don't have to get ready. That's right. Well, you've been listening to Let's Talk with Leigh and Rhonda. I'm Leigh Crawford. I'm Rhonda Nolan. It's been a pleasure being with you this Saturday morning. We'll see you next time. Next time. Next time.


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