Navigating Small Business Challenges: PPP Updates, Unemployment Fraud, and Financial Strategies

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The following is a paid program sponsored by Crawford management group and smart time consultants. Please be advised that the voices and opinions you may hear do not necessarily represent the views of K u and v Las Vegas, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, or the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education. Hi, this

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is Leah Crawford. And I'm Rhonda Nolan.

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Welcome to the let's talk with Leann Rhonda show.

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We're here for you and we're ready to go. Let's do it. Hello, Las Vegas. What's happening?

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Good morning. Good morning. Good to be right. Okay, got it. Yep. Beat Yeah. All right. Rhonda, Rhonda, Rhonda. Rhonda is a crazy time crazy time, man.

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Okay, PPP out of money. ran out of money.

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Why not out of money?

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Let me explain.

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Okay, please, I you know, let's just jump right in, because I'm thoroughly confused. Okay.

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So now, if you received your PPP from a traditional bank, like Chase, Bank of America, and all those places, yes, they're done giving out money, it's a rep. If you received your money from a CDFI, they still have money left to fund sole proprietors, independent contractors and people with that type of background. So basically, now, if you had already received PPP, number one, okay, but you hadn't quite done your PPP number two application yet, right? There's still money saved for you. So if you go back to the same bank, where you got your first PPP from, they still have money saved for you, they had they turned in your name and the amount so the SBA was holding money for you. So if you did your first one through lendio, or blue, acorn, or smartbiz, or any of those businesses, cross river bank, if you digit number one PPP through them, they have money for your second, PPP, and you will be funded.

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But if you didn't do your first one through them, and you did it through the large banks, then what?

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Then you're Sol? Got it? Got it. But you can do it, I'm sorry, you are but you're not. Just because you went to one bank for your first one doesn't mean that you have to go back to that bank. Okay, basically, if you if you had your first one would you know any of those banks that I mentioned earlier, and they're out of money, you can go and do your second loan at a different bank, you can go to several different banks. To do it, all you need to do is have your actual first PPP loan number and amount to do your second request with the new with the new bank got it?

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Okay, so it's, and I know, that's hard, because I've gotten several phone calls and the out of money. And I'm like, I don't know, I guess, um,

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if you are a minority, because see, the CDFIs are servicing minorities. So if you are a minority, or you are veteran or anything like that, they have money for you, they have money for you. Yeah, money for one particular bank that I deal with, has a billion dollars. And they're like, we're gonna take applications until our money is exhausted. And they're still taking applications because they were prepared to take applications to May 31. Remember, the banks were prepared to be done April 30, if they wanted to be done, you know, traditional banks on April 30 was the first cutoff date. So when that cutoff date came, they were like, Okay, I'm done.

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Got it. Okay, May, okay, May 31, may 31. So, just to repeat it back to you to make sure I understood, just because you got your PPP, the first draw through some of that, through anyone, you don't necessarily have to go back there to get your second you do that, you just need to have your loan application number and everyone it's emailed to you. And you should be able to log in and get your loan application number, use that number to go in and apply for your second draw. So you can get your second draw. And you do have until May 31, to get said the second draw. And

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if you do your application within those last five days in May, they're still going to fund your application. They're going to be they have until mid July to pass out all the money.

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Got it. Thank you Rhonda that was that was actually a good update. I only because you know Rumor has it that you know are they out of money but no, they're out of money the place you go on Wall Street, all right, you got to walk across the street because you walk across the street doors are open and we are giving the PPP loans and still even with the BBB loans remember, you still need to use the money in a certain way or it turns into a loan. If you don't it turns into a loan a one on 1% loan. And but if you want it to be forgiven, there are certain documentation that you need to turn into the bank whom you receive the funds through in order for the loan to be forgiven.

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That is correct. So basically, you have to keep in mind, you can use 100% on payroll for yourself, or you can use 60% right but you had the minimum of 60% You have to use 60% of the money to pay yourself to keep your business open and the other 40% you can use to pay you Your rent your light bill, your mortgage, your internet bill, that type of thing, the things that you need to keep your business open. So please keep that in mind. And also, please keep your documents. It's a paper trail, folks, you got to show the people when you go for forgiveness. And let me just say this, just because you've just exhausted your funds, you don't apply for forgiveness the next day, okay? What's going to happen is it your bank is going to send you a link when they're ready to take forgiveness applications. And then when they send you that link, that's when you fill out the document. But, but remember, have all your documents ready show proof that you did ie pay yourself or IE pay your bills to keep your business open?

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Got it. My name is Leah Crawford.

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My name is Rhonda Nolan.

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And that was Rhonda with a fabulous PPP update y'all. Yes, Ron, Rhonda, thank you for staying on top of that. Thank you. I know I truly appreciate that. Because when we are asked questions about it, you know, first what, they don't handle more money. And I'm like, Okay, let me call somebody and ask I don't know, I don't because I haven't been focused on that my focus has turned because it's tax season.

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Right. So last week on Thursday, what happened was all the news people got on TV and said they're at SBA is out of money, no more PPP funding. And that wasn't exactly true. And so people started, you know, getting in frenzy, people who had not received any documentation from their banks. They hadn't received their, you know, an approval from the SBA, or they haven't received their their their contracts, and everyone gets the money. All those people went into heart failure last Thursday, because they thought that they would not be able to get the loan. And so that was not the case.

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Got it? Got it. All right. Well, you know, your focus is thank you, Rhonda. That's why I love having a partner, partner that, that we can do different things and bounce off of each other because I've been focused on tax season, because this has been a crazy tax season. First thing if you got unemployment, if you got unemployment, and you filed your return before Congress enacted the $10,500 exemption, do not file an amended return, the IRS is automatically correcting those returns that were filed prior to and I want to say was about March 5. So if you're early filer, you got unemployment, and it was taxable income to you, you will be receiving a small check back from was a check back from the IRS do not file an amendment. The reason why I'm saying that, because last time I checked is at least two to 3 million returns that are in a truck outside IRS centers. So you don't want your stuff caught in this frenzy, this frenzy, the IRS is going to automatically correct those returns send you out the difference. And what I can say, when you get the notices from the IRS. Read the notice, don't just look at the firt you know the front page and the amount due or the amount Oh, read the documents so that you can understand what they are saying what they are saying and talked about this on another. Another outlet. Ghost prepares. And we talked about this before

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we did touch on it once was once before ghosts prepare. So

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there's a lot of people out here doing returns not signing them. Doing all types of stuff on tax returns not signing them. Goes prepares for for us when we prepare return the little box. Underneath your signature is the signature section for the person that prepares the returns. If you pay somebody make sure they fill out their box. Okay, because if they don't fill out that box and they click because what I've seen a lot is they click self prepared and the PERT I don't know what's on this return. Well pertussis as yourself stuff prepared it. Right. So well I paid somebody who would you pay the ghost, because here it says you self prepared it just want us to be as consumers a little bit more educated. If you pay somebody, make sure they sign up, make sure they sign that that return.

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As a matter of fact, they have to sign their name and put their special code down because they have a special we have we

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have we have prepare a tax ID numbers and in all actuality, we've had them for 20 plus years. Because before again, I'm telling my age, we put our security numbers on your tax returns. Wow. Okay, so back and back back way back when my first started preparing returns, I had to put my social security number on your return. Now I have a preparer tax ID number that I have to register for every year. I use that as my as my ID number so that they can sit IRS can monitor the returns I'm doing and see exactly what how many were so I know every year how many returns I do how many my office does. I know that because just adamant about making sure that we are accountable. That's our Picasso. We put these numbers together on his return and presented it and what I guess a lot of us don't want well educate you. When you do a tax return. You're taking the position that these deductions are are allowable, okay, some people are riskier than do some riskier things with tax returns, some are not, but you're taking a position? And can you defend that position? So when our clients come into our office, we're asking for a lot of documents, if you are, you know, if you just have a W two real simple could because the position somebody told me, they told how much money you made, they paid your taxes, everything else not a problem, they gave you a W two. This year, though, with a 1099, they broke them out a little bit, you know, you got your 1099, NEC, where it was non employee compensation. And then you had your 1099 miscellaneous along with royalties and different things like that, because we see a lot of stuff, and just understanding where to put those numbers on the tax return. Because if you are a non employee, you got compensation. Well, do you have a business license, so I can decide what line to put it on? Do you have expenses that go against that money that you earned, because if you spent money to earn this money, that's deductible to you, depending on what the what the expenses are. So understanding all of that, being able to prepare to return take a position, sign it, because if the IRS asked you questions later on about said deductions, you don't have to answer them because I already had a documentation, I'm gonna answer them. Right, I'm gonna answer them. And that's part of what we do you know, what we do in this tax season has been, you know, because it's hard, I ask the hard questions upfront, and I come into the office, I'm at it. Okay, so are you sure you did that? And how'd you do that? You know, do you have businesses? Or do you have do you have? Uh, do you have a business license, and in the past, that stumped a lot of people, but now the ones that I've been working with are glad that they did have the business licenses, because they were able to go and get the pets grant, because now you have the state of Nevada business license. Got it. So you it, it makes, it helps when you just do the paperwork for what you're saying you're doing because you can't tell me that you're a, b and c, when you g. Right, you just g you just you just you're just not doing what you said that you're doing with no documentation. Right?

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And if you are entrepreneur and you have more than one business, yeah. And you have separate, ein numbers, yes, you can have separate profit and loss statements for those businesses. Yes, well, you should,

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because each business has a an AIC s code, right? So if I am, unless they're interrelated, because you can do consolidate it, but that's more on a corporate structure, and not on a sole prop structure. But on a sole prop structure, if you're doing different things, you got different ein numbers, might be using different bank accounts. I mean, you could be doing a whole bunch of just a whole bunch of different stuff. But again, just know what documents go with what to set up. Just know what documents that go with what you with what you set up, because I know for me, I have s corpse. The S corp owns other stuff. But I mean, it's just it's complicated. But when I map it out, I can I know exactly what owns what and reforms we need to file in order for us to report the income, you know, so but you gotta map it out. And it has to make sense. It has to make sense. You know, but sit down with someone that understands it,

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you have to sit down with a professional. We do. We keep saying this to all you small business owners, you have to have your accountant, your lawyers, your marketing consultants, you just like the President has a cabinet of advisors, you have to have phising you you should be running, you know, all of these things by a couple of people before you actually execute to make sure you're on the right path. Well, the

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thing about this is that I had a client come in that was, um, he He was a retired executive. And that's how he ran his business. I mean, I made some suggestions to him. He's like, he and the thing about he said my office and wrote them down random paths, his in house accountant, his friend that was an attorney, he was like, okay, Lee, I like it. Got it. They like it, how do we implement it? You know, one day, he was like, No, I don't want to do that. Okay, but we're going to do this and it's like, we're able to have dialogue about the business and talk about what is the plan and then how do we move forward and not just not just jump and do something and say, Oh, my God, right? Oh my god. And I think a lot of times, especially with this pandemic, a lot of people will realize that oh my god my business isn't in you know, isn't in order like I know if you the PPP money the idol money. If we that money was because we didn't know what was going to happen. We still don't know what's going to happen because we're not out of this yet. No, we're not we're not out of this shit. And how are you spending your money? Where are you spending your money? How are you spending your money? Are you are you living lavishly? Or are you making sure that you want to know what I got make sure that June's bills make us pay now to make sure June is paid if that makes sure July is paid. I need to keep the doors open and my business and the The thing I wanted to talk to you about was unemployment fraud.

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Oh, yeah, I read an article yesterday, they caught a lot of people and they

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should have because I told you that my office manager, I got one sent to my office, my office manager, unemployment, you

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right? She's still working everyday,

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everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday. Right. So And had we not opened the mail, because you have so many days to dispute a unemployment claim. And well, employers know you have employees, when someone files unemployment, the unemployment dedar send you a notice saying that this person was laid off for this reason, you can dispute this claim, if you have just caused for them not being there. And because of the pandemic, you know, a lot of people are getting them. I was probably, I have three other clients that got one one of them came in his name, the unemployment claim, my office managers, hers came in, in the office, and I'm looking at it and I'm like, Oh, so you're not working. Okay. And she and the hard part about it is she felt embarrassed. Right? And it's like, there's nothing for you to be embarrassed about. But this is how real it is out here. Guys, as a as a business and business owners, I can only tell you open your mail

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$69 million in pu a fraud. The government has found the organizations who have who had to took people's identities and apply for unemployment through pu A, and that $69 million was returned back to set states that this happened in government is not playing with you. You will go to jail. Well, you

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want to know what I told him what I sent you the text message. Right? Right. That's it just like a lesson on. And then you know, that was my saying from the beginning, I thought he'd rather be going to jail or going to jail because I told you about the one the one, the one person that caught me because the banks froze his account when he got the idol events. And I'm like, real simple. When you have a business, they ask you different questions when you open up a bank account. That is right, you know, and my only question to him was, you know, well, What business did you say that you had? And he was like, you know, I said, I had a landscaping business. I was like, Well, do you own a lawn mower? And he and he looked at me, no cross eyed like, last year, do you own a lawn mower. So this is not a lick, guys. It's not a lick.

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So for people who tried to take advantage of the situation, you will be getting a knock on your door. Because this money really were was for the real small businesses, people who really run small businesses to feed their family. And for all you folks who decided to take advantage of it and pretend like you had a business, they're coming to knock on your door. Right,

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Rhonda Rhonda? And, you know, I hate but you know, people always say I got stuff to say today. Not always sometimes the nicest when it comes out. But I can tell you this. Truly, for Master for the small business owners that I know, they are grateful that they were able to stay in business during this time. And it's it's interesting, because the small business owners that I know, were hesitant to apply for this money. They were and when the money came, they were hesitant to even take the money because they realize, hey, I don't know. And honestly, most of them still have their money. Right? Most of them submit I mean, they they use the money sparingly. They're not going shopping, they're not doing no, they know I because I need to make sure number one, I gotta pay this money back. Right? Especially for the idle loan, I got to pay this money back. So I need to make sure that I'm spending this money so that my business, my business can stay open. I don't know what the true impact of this is going to be. Again, my name is Leah Crawford.

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My name is Rhonda Nolan. And

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we are let's talk with Leah and Rhonda and we are discussing this thing because that's what we do we discuss it have have real life dialogue, because Ron and I talk about this stuff on a regular basis, send each other text messages, giggling, laughing but then really seriously understanding that, you know, being a small business owner, you but you eat you kill, we don't we don't get paychecks, right. paychecks are what we actually earn. And it's different. So I'm disheartened when I hear other people just thinking this, this is something to play with, because it's not because my livelihood is at stake.

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That's right. And speaking of idle, you may if you received an idle loan last year, you and you received some of the $10,000 upfront grant money advance money, they may have sent you 1000 or 2000. Well, they may have sent you an email stating that that you could apply for the balance of that grant because they really wanted to give each business $10,000 But they ran out of money. So they just gave people 1000 Here 2000 there. Well, here's the stipulation to that your business has to be in a low income area. So if you receive the email when you respond, if your business is in a low income area, that's Call for that too, though, on the side, I think, okay, but if you are not in a low income area, nine times out of 10, they're going to say no. And they've done that first to several of my clients. They told them no, because their businesses was not in a low income area. Now you can try to dispute that.

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Okay. And that's what I'm doing now, because I'm Washington DC is not in the low income area. Who knew? And and we're disputing that because we're like, just because our dispute is just because we are not in a low income area does not mean that we were not impacted.

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That is correct. If you if you have a storefront business, and I was closed and you were closed, or you're halfway close, now, you're still impacted. So you can still use the bounce of that money to keep your business open.

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Yeah, I grew up with stuttering last I was stuttering. I looked at the letter. I was like, now how and how in the hell no. But the reality of it is, we they're impacted.

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That's right. They're impacted. All businesses were impacted no matter what their addresses or zip codes are, they were all

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impacted that you're not bringing any money in that has an impact, right? That's the impact at the point

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where you're paying for rent and insurance on the building. Did you have a storefront store, and you don't have the foot traffic you used to because of COVID, you're still impacted? So guess what, that's one thing I like about the SBA. They can tell you no, but they give you an opportunity to fight back. They give you an opportunity, a good reason why should give them like, What Why should I give this to you? And if you give them a sound enough reason and a plan? Oh, wait, okay. But it's got to make sense.

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It got to make it has it has to make sense. But good, good. No, I actually, that's funny you say that? Because I'm about to reply for a few people, because they were denied because of their because of where they are. And we have to respond to say, No, we were impacted. And these are the reason what reasons why the other thing is the additional funds for the idle loan, they're out there. It's out there, those those applications have been coming out, reply, ask and then see, because in the process has taken a little bit longer than wouldn't normally than what it normally would they're making sure that your files are complete. And no, you have to have a resolution of from your board. Because again, a lot. Yes, you sure do. A lot of us set up these corporations, right and don't have a clue. I never had a board meeting and no, never have never never got to have a resolution. And I love like you said about the SBA. If you're not sure how to do a resolution, emailed them back, how do I do a resolution, they will email you back, it's simply to show you how to do set resolution, they will also um, hazard insurance, because they want hazard Insurance insurance companies. And I won't, you know, and I didn't realize I had hazard insurance, but insurance companies they have that they have the policies and they know that you need this in order, no just for the file for your file with with the SBA, get the again documents, guys documents, making sure you're handling your business, even if you have to sit in what Daniel says Sunday night, write down everything you have to do and start checking it off during the week. I gotta get hazard insurance. You know, I gotta get this I got to do a resolution sit down, write out the resolution is not as four lines. Right? It's not it's four lines. Got it, you sign it is done. But they want this so that you know that you're they're not you're acknowledging that you can number one, you have the authority to sign for this loan. Right. Right. And that you are aware that this loan was taken out one the corporation's behalf. Right. So, again, kudos to the SBA, also with SBA, they got attorneys answering those calls laws, yes. Yeah, they do. I try to answer those calls that

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was brought to my attention to customer service people you are speaking to our our attorneys, their attorney, they're not merely or any of our friends, just answering the phones giving you information, my

Unknown Speaker 23:51
friends, but they are Esquire, Esquire,

Unknown Speaker 23:55
friends, but you're right there. Those are attorneys that you're talking to. So please, please speak to them nicely. Okay. Because I know sometimes we get excited, you know, especially when we're in arrears and we need the money and we want them to move faster, because they don't move fast. No, but it's not me to cussing out customer service people. You need to be nice to the customer service people because they can help you or hurt you.

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Well, thing about it is is that I've even called and what I love is is that they are friendly when you call them they are because they're getting inundated with phone calls and emails. Because the SBA has processed probably in the past year more loans than they've processed in the past 20 years. That's correct, just as the past year. So just be patient. Just be patient, you know, it's not like this is a situation that you created and you know how sometimes you might not have enough money to do what you need to do. So you got to figure it out. No, this is a pandemic, everyone is aware of it. I know banks that are worth banks are working with everybody is trying to work to make sure that we can make it through now what that also means is if you have the money to pay your bills,

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pay your bills, raise your real Real, real easy real

Unknown Speaker 25:01
is very easy to Bill. It's very simple. If I get the just pay the bill, just pay the when you receive the money, whichever whichever money you receive the bill, pay your bills. The first thing you should be paying is the mortgage or rent on the place where you live. You have to have a roof over your head right roof over

Unknown Speaker 25:19
your head in and if you got to office space pay pay that pay them then next you got

Unknown Speaker 25:23
to pay your insurance. Okay, so I'm having this roof blows off. You gotta gotta be able to put another one. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 25:28
I think I put that in. I think I'll pay the insurance first. Saying I think I'm paid. Man, you

Unknown Speaker 25:32
gotta pay in the energy baby. You got this hot outside, you got your air conditioner. You pay the people pay all the people pay the people who say to people CenturyLink at rising cost. We need our fault with cell phones. Internet service, hey, the people, the people gave you the money to pay the people

Unknown Speaker 25:52
pay the people pay the people pay the people. But it's so funny because I remember you I mean, you pay just pay pay them because you want to pay like for me, I'm I'm insurances first. So like before I pay mortgages, rents anything, I'll make sure that my life insurance is paid off, you noticed all the insurances that I have made sure all those are paid. And then we go down the checklist from you know, then we've got our checklist from there. And young

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people living at home with your parents save some of your money baby stay out of the Louis Vuitton store and the Gucci store, and the loo baton store and all those stores that I've seen you in just go save money, no money to get one. You get one designer, one designer handbag and one designer shoe. But that's it, the rest of us save your money. Because again, listen, in a minute, all of us gonna run out all that unemployment and that extra $300 and all that jazz is gonna be over speaking

Unknown Speaker 26:47
of unemployment, you know, in certain states, because you know, people aren't going aren't really going back to work now. Because they're getting unemployment, right? Well, certain states, if you get offered a job

Unknown Speaker 26:55
and you don't go to work, the unemployment gets cut off, your

Unknown Speaker 26:58
unemployment gets cut off, your unemployment gets cut off, because I was reading in the paper, I was reading on the internet because I don't get the paper anymore. That some of the employers here having problems finding employees, I know I couldn't get an Uber or Lyft. Because I was like, it takes forever to get over here.

Unknown Speaker 27:15
Every business small, medium or large is looking for good talent. Everybody is trying to hire great talent because guess what, folks? We're open people have you seen the streets of a strip the last two months, it looks at everybody from all nervous. So happy to see people, all of the Americans from the United States are coming to Las Vegas to let their hair down. So we have been busier than busy. They money and they spend any money. So we need people to go to work to be able to give them the great service that

Unknown Speaker 27:42
we've given them in the past. And you want to know what though Vegas is known for great service. They've known for great service, amazing service. And you know, it makes it so hard because when you go out of town and you go to different places you'd like your service not were so right. It's not it's not. But what I can say is we're not out we're not out of this thing yet. We're not We're not it's been now 1415 months, we don't know where this thing is going. Well, umask be safe, support small businesses because our businesses are open. They need the cash flow. They're providing the service. I mean, people are out and about, but be safe.

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And you can support the small businesses Monday through Thursday. You don't have to wait to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can support the small small business restaurants and lounges during the week. You know,

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I eat every day. Well, I know you do. I eat every day. Every day every day or every day somebody gets every day, every day. But that was pre pandemic though. Right? Yeah, just haven't changed. All right. Okay. Well, Rhonda, I think we're just one time this month. I think there's just no Yeah, I think we do want to we don't want to we don't want to let me check. Because I'm the winner third and fifth Saturday, right? If this Saturday guys and remember taxes, file and extension by Monday or file your return but let me just say this The extension is for for you to file not to pay. So if you owe last year, at least pay what you owe last year to be on the safe side. If everything was drastically different. Then pay what you estimate you might owe because the extension is to file not to pay. And with that, with that, Rhonda? I guess we had a conversation

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that's ended. We will we will see you in a month. It's been fantastic. Enjoy your Saturday. Don't forget to go out and go for a walk and feel the sunshine on your skin.

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