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The following is a paid program sponsored by Crawford management group and smart time consultants. Please be advised that the voices and opinions you may hear do not necessarily represent the views of K u and v Las Vegas, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, or the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education. Hi, this is Leah Crawford.

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And I'm Rhonda Nolan.

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Welcome to the let's talk with Liam Rhonda show.

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We're here for you and we're ready to go. Let's do it. Good morning. Las Vegas. Hey, Ms. Lea, how you doing?

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I am amazing. Rhonda, thank you for asking and how were you?

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I am super fantastic. Did you get your walk in this morning? Because you know, it's a beautiful bright Saturday morning.

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You know what? I can't I can't I have resorted because it's windy lately.

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Yeah. Has been when it's very windy.

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It's very windy. So I have resorted to stand on the indoors. Okay, see, I'm peloton. Oh, yeah, I haven't gotten on a bike. I've been looking at it closely. I've been watching it closely. And we've been having a conversation because we don't know I'm gonna get back on it. So I figure you know, take it slow. We got to get reacquainted. I got to talk to it a little bit. I gotta you know, make sure everything's still working. Well, I know

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what you mean. My peloton and I have not been visiting each other as well. Right? Yeah, so I'm going to pull myself together go. I've been so busy these last couple of weeks, I haven't had a chance. But in a couple of weeks, things will slow down and I'll be able to get back on my grind.

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What I what I was told 15 minutes a day, just to jump on for 15. And he's like, you can find the 15 I was like, but that means I gotta get out to bed and go to the other room. Don't ask. And I know it sounds so funny because I watch people with the home gyms and they spend more time dusting the gyms than we do actually own the equipment inside the gym. Right? Yeah, but I really decided I want to go back to hot yoga. Oh, you miss how y'all want to go back to hot yoga, I like the feeling of that I got after hot yoga. Just even though it's a hot box, we're hour, hour and a half. I enjoy just the rush afterwards, the discipline. And the people that are in the room I actually enjoy early in the morning.

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That's good entrepreneurs. This is called self care.

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It's called self you want to self care is self cattle. I don't know if we ever really take a chance as entrepreneurs, we make time for everything else. Because we're so busy working on the business. We're in the business not even on the business. Self care, man, you got to take care you because if you don't take care of you who is nobody? Nobody, nobody. So I have development. I develop my self care routine when I've missed it. Well, I've been developed it but

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you have a routine. Oh, you know,

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I ever you know. Because self care is real important. Because if I don't take care of me for what I do, I can't. I'm not going to take care you won't take care of you. And I find that when I don't do my self care routine. I'm not easy to get along with. Oh boy. Yeah, I realized that I saw that I was I know thyself, know thyself. But when I do my self care routine, I handled things a lot differently. Okay, and I become a lot more efficient. A task that could take an hour and a half now takes 30 minutes. And not that I'm moving faster. Mine is clear. concise, and to the point. Yeah, knocking things out. Alright, so I know. You said we got a economic injury disaster loan update.

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Yes. So for you folks who did not receive your loan, the idle loan, the SBA has run out of money gone, it is gone. So if they have not completed your loan, and you have not been funded, you will not be receiving any money from that.

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No matter if you wish approved or not.

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Yeah, wow, money out of money out of money. However, they are looking for some other funding for small businesses. And they actually have a webinar set up for Wednesday, the 25th at 11am Pacific Standard Time. And they're going to talk about some resourcing for small business. So you can check it out@sba.gov And it's called Building a Better America, a small business resource community. And again, that's going to be on Wednesday, May 25, at 11am. Pacific Time, and they have some speakers are going to be coming on sharing some information with you. Do you have to register? Yep, you have to register and you've registered sba.gov register@sba.gov.

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I can say that COVID was hard. This was the first time that the smaller business of the world for some that I've seen that the smaller businesses actually had access to funding with paycheck Protection Program, economic injury, disaster loan. That was huge. Because the mom and pops actually had a way to make it through and congratulations to those businesses that were able to make it through and able to put it together to make it through because everybody didn't make it yet through while we're still in the pandemic, because it's not over yet. It's not over. It's not over yet. And we all know what twists and turns but it does seem to be leveling off a little bit. leveling off a little bit. Again, sba.gov If you want to know where resources are out there, what's coming up. Very important. And again, this is working on your business. Just it's no more out. SBA is very efficient with time. They get their some webinars done in an hour or less. If you are unsure, you want to know, go to sba.gov register, because you can register 24 hours a day signed up in the middle of the night go to sba.gov and register and planets in the webinar. I want to take it another way. This is graduation time for the babies is graduation time. Okay, our college graduates have all been celebrated. Now Clark County School District is about to recognize their 2022 Class Connect Grant shakin, say to the kindergarteners that are about to graduate, congratulation, I'm going to preschools are with the preschoolers that are going to kindergarten congratulations, those kindergarten is going to first grade congratulations. And my favorite this year is fifth graders going to sixth grade Nicaea Thompson, you are graduating Alright, from from elementary school to middle school, those middle schoolers that are graduating and going to high school and the big thing that high school graduation, guys, congratulations, congratulations. We celebrate you because it's a huge accomplishment. To make it to graduation day, just the twists and the turns and all the things and you're about to experience something new experience something new, because I know it's tragic going from kindergarten to first grade. It is a triumph. No, I mean, everybody, and these are my favorite grades, right? But imagine now you're playing, I mean, kindergarten a little more structured and what it was, but now you're a first grade you actually have a number, right? It's not a letter. It's a number. And I know but I think we celebrate the babies and we and we tell them you know, hey, it's first grade. And we're going to do this. And now you got a teacher. Some schools go to school and here only a part day for kindergarten. So now, kids have to go all day long. Oh, wow. So you're now going from three hours to six hours. Oh, so I know one of my girlfriend's her. Her daughter is in kindergarten, and we just giggle and laugh. She's like, I don't know what I'm going to do. Because I'm going to first grade and, you know, it's just all Mommy, you know, that means I have to bring a lunch. So we have to go. And we have to make sure that we have the right lunch bag. And I'm sitting in I'm watching and I'm giggling but just the excitement, right? Yeah. And then from the elementary school to the middle school. You know, the elementary school kids are in one classroom all day long. Right now you get to move around the building. You get to move around, and you know, so get some exercise and exercise you get to move around the building. And then of course, from middle school to high school. That's huge. Because that ninth grade year is transition year and let's get college ready. If we're going. Let's start doing the things we need to do to get ready for that four year journey at a university college somewhere. Yeah, but again, congratulations to all the parents for the hard work because it's a lot of work when you taking them babies to school every day and doing homework every night. That's right. And to the children, congratulate the children, show them you appreciate them showing them you love them, because there's nothing but they will always I remember my eighth grade graduation day. I remember it I remember my 12th grade graduation day. I remember my Howard University graduation day, my university of phoenix graduate. I remember all of them, you know, and they were all special times a special day so make a special

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offer. Fantastic. Yeah,

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can't wait Wednesday I'm going to be um, I bought a dress and everything. Oh, wow. That will get some shoes. And Eric got a whole outfit. Very get my nails done to match my dress. Uh, yeah, I'm going to be going all

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out. Oh, my god daughter is graduating from high school as well. And so I'll be attending. In California. I'll be attending her graduation. She's a sweetheart next week. And she was accepted to house. So she goes, so she I believe I believe she's going okay, I believe so I'm extremely happy about

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extremely, extremely happy about that. That No, Rhonda, congratulations, because it's this a lot when you are. I mean, even kids the pressure at school because it's different type of pressure. We didn't have social media, right? We're in school. We did not. So it's a different type of pressure. They didn't we they have more access to information, like the information. Right, right. We went to the library. I don't even know if children go to the library anymore. I mean, but we went to the library, we had to do different things to get access to get ahead and now they have everything at their fingertips, but congratulations to the Class of 2022 We are proud Oh, besides that, marketing, you know, every once in a while Rhonda, like this circle back and talk about branding, branding you. What does branding you look like? How do you brand because I know we talked about we talked about self care a little bit, how do you pray and you?

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Well, number one you brand yourself by doing a good job. So whatever it is that you do, you do a fantastic job for all of your clients. Because a lot of business comes from word of mouth. Most of my business comes from word of mouth, someone recommends me for a position. Because of what I do is kind of personal services. I do a lot of personal services stuff. And do you know, this small business stuff as well. But really, I get most of my business through word of mouth. And then, and then when I don't get business through word of mouth, I'm always promoting and marketing myself. So there are situations where I take advantage of advertising my business and advertising my my services, because I'm b2b. So it's a little different than b2c than b2c. Yeah.

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And that's a difference to jam real quick. b2b is business to business. b2c is business to consumer.

Unknown Speaker 11:09
Exactly, exactly. So now if you have a if you're a b2c, then oh, you have absolutely have a fan, you need to have a budget so that you can market and promote your business. And if your business is yourself, you got to be able to do that. You know what I mean? If you're a lawyer, if you're a doctor, you still have to market and promote yourself, you have to let people know that you are in business, you are open, and you're ready to receive, you know, new patients or new applications or new people that you know, have problems they need to have worked out where they need an attorney, you know, that type of thing.

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You got it. Got it. Well,

Unknown Speaker 11:37
I am Lea Crawford. And I am Rhonda Nolan. And

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we are let's talk with Leah and Rhonda. I mean, another issue I want to talk about because it's also election time is your election election time. And, you know, I do tax dealing with the IRS. And I get clients tell me all the time, you know, I don't like the IRS. I don't I don't want to pay taxes this that any other. And I just had an epiphany the other day, I said, Well, if you don't like the IRS, maybe you need to think about who you vote for Congress.

Unknown Speaker 12:05
Because Congress, right

Unknown Speaker 12:07
controls, they make the laws dead, because the IRS just all they do is enforce

Unknown Speaker 12:14
right, the laws, the law, the Congress makes that Congress makes for small business owners, first of

Unknown Speaker 12:19
all business owners. And I don't know if we take as business owners, we don't and we understand the importance of these elections, like it's very important to us to understand what the what the state government is doing. Right. It's very important for us to know who you know who our governor is, and what are his values for small business owners and things like that, you know, our lieutenant governor, our assembly and senate, like for your address, do you know who your assembly meeting your Senator or your state? Senator,

Unknown Speaker 12:51
have you met them?

Unknown Speaker 12:52
Have you? Have you met them? Are they open for you to meet them? And depending on where your business is, if it's in the City of Henderson, if it's in the city of Las Vegas, if it's an unincorporated Clark County, if it's in the city of North Las Vegas, do you know what's going on in those jurisdictions? You know, who are the governing bodies? You know, what elections are happening? Right, more important to judges? Because I mean, right now, on the ballot, again, there's a bunch of judges. I don't know these people don't know these people. Right? And but am I taking the time because the sample ballots came out? Yes. So you have enough time. And again, you got your phone, you know, Google,

Unknown Speaker 13:33
you do have enough time. And actually, you have enough time to meet them. Also,

Unknown Speaker 13:36
you do have an army increase, they are out here trying to meet and greet for the last couple

Unknown Speaker 13:40
of weeks, I have been going to events, and I've been meeting different candidates from different areas in different spaces. And it's really refreshing to put a name with a face, right? So that when I look at my ballot, and I make my choices, I know who these people are. And I've had an opportunity to do a little bit of research about them to see if they're passing bills or doing things in my favor as a small business owner

Unknown Speaker 14:00
as a small business. And it's time for us as small business owners if we're listening, because we know you all vote, right. Really to understand who you're voting for, understand who you're voting for. Put a face to the name, you know, and really just vote. Yeah, because it matters. And what this state is, this is a baseline year because this is the first time that all of the elections are either want to be on a primary or not primary, midterm or presidential year. So for a lot of the races, like the municipal races, they always were off years and people were elected with minimal votes. Right now it's a little bit different because we're on a midterm, and then the next cycle is on a presidential more people get out to vote. It's going to change the dynamics a little bit. I would implore you if you are in any of the cities look To see who was on your ballot, understand what there is, especially if you're a small business owner, what are your stances for small businesses? Because I know give you an example. In 2017, the state legislature made a change. Document prep services. So if you prepare tax returns, if you prepared any legal documents, anything that was document preparation, by a certain time, you had to have this document preparation license, okay. Some lobbying was done, it was tweaked a little bit, well, if you are an attorney, CPA or an enrolled agent for taxes, and attorneys, of course, for legal documents, but for CPAs, and enrolled agents, tech stuff, we didn't have to have a license for because we're governed by something somebody else, right. But your average tax person that doesn't have that's out here in business, I'm doing taxes, and it can be doing a marvelous job right, needed to have this doc prep license. And it was done in 2017. Legislation. I just so happened to be I'm reading through because I'm not you know, I'm nosy. So I know they're in session, I want to know what they did. And I was like, What the hell? What is this? What is that? Oh, but had a conversation, it was a way for them to have a little bit more accountability to the stuff that was being gone that was going on, because then you have to have a bond, you have to get fingerprinted. There's a bunch of stuff that you have to do with that prep, right? So just I mean, just guys, we you need to be aware, especially in what's going on in your industry, right? If there are different laws, if there's different legislation, whether it's federal, whether it's state, whether it's ordinances from the city or the county. And I know it's like, okay, it's a lot to be aware of all of this, but you want to put people in place, and you want to know what their values are,

Unknown Speaker 16:45
right. So although you're working in your business, probably all day, every day, please take out a little time to learn about your candidates, and maybe visit some of these meet and greets that are happening all over the city to meet your candidates and have a conversation with them. And whatever details that are important to you. Make sure you share that with them so they can move forward with it.

Unknown Speaker 17:05
Because I'm sure the reason how we got the PPP loans, I'm sure some people lobbied Yes. To say, you know, this is this is something that's huge nationwide, you shut us down now you got to even though we need to do something, right, we need to do something. So again, that was in around the country, business owners going to their elected officials and saying this is what we need, right what we need to do. So not that you can be that's why I like being a part of groups. Yeah, because you get more done collectively. You don't have to be the one but you can go on State email lucky, I don't think we should do ABC XYZ, right? And as you groupthink and then push it

Unknown Speaker 17:46
Yeah, for this group. This is good. Like when we had PPP, PPP, oh, I gave it an extra P, how, basically, for the people in the food and beverage business, they gave them more money. And then they had a whole separate, you know, grant for people who owned restaurants that have been used that nature. And that was our legislation going to them saying, hey, these group of people, no different needs, they have different needs different needs the other group of people. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 18:13
well, it's the same thing with UBI, like the UBI. That's a business deduction that you're able to get if you earn money, and it was in the tax cuts and Jobs Act. And we had to distinguish between regular businesses and service trade or businesses. And it was interesting, you know, who was who's classified as what, right? And then what groups lobbied to say, No, we don't want to be that we want to be this right. And it worked, right. But, again, you want to go to people like for me, when I pay for a service? I'm paying for your knowledge and expertise. That's right. When I'm a part of a group again, we're joined in all the chambers, whether it's the Las Vegas chamber, urban chamber, Asian chamber, Hispanic Chamber, North Las Vegas chamber, whatever Henderson chamber, whatever chamber it is, you're joining that group, because they are lobbying for the needs of the business owners, you're paying a fee. Right for membership. That's right, because membership has its privileges. In North America especially has its privileges, right. But when you are a member, and you can have the conversations when they head around tables, or send emails, say, You know what, this is a challenge. I'm having it in the business. And you sometimes shocked to see how that information is then moved on. And how things start to happen. You know, and you're like, wow, I mean, wow, because PPP was huge. It was huge. It was huge. The forgiveness huge, especially for small business owners, still keep your documentation because they have seven years to come back and ask you for us right we'll keep your documentation will

Unknown Speaker 19:46
continue to remind you, you still keep

Unknown Speaker 19:48
your documentation if you don't have it together yet. Spend some time this summer because it's hot outside and get it together and under AC but just being able to move on The pieces and understanding what the pieces are but voting. Voting

Unknown Speaker 20:05
Yes, small business owners. We got to get out there and vote got out the info got mixed. I mean, it should be easy. You're getting your sample ballot this week this week, guys, you got it. You got it. You got you got to say I've got it this week. Last week. Last week, some people asked me some people just departed from where you live. And then your your ballot, your real ballot will come a week or so later. And we will be ready to vote early.

Unknown Speaker 20:28
Ready to vote. And again, other places. I've seen people in line around the corner down the block to the next neighborhood. Yep, Las Vegas. We have no excuse. Clark County, we have no excuse. You can vote at the library to grocery store. You know, I do they have one at airport. I'm just saying. I mean, they miles. Right. But there's no reason why right? We don't vote, right? We don't vote is no reason why because it's accessible, right. And this was the first time when I moved here almost 20 years ago. And I'm looking at my grandmother and I'm like, grandma, we can vote today. She's like, really, she's like, I said, I don't know, let's find the address. And we drove around and found the address. And we voted

Unknown Speaker 21:17
early. It's real cool to vote early. Because it's the lines are not that long as less people dependent. Take your time and you can read the bell and you can read a ballot and kind of think about who you want the army

Unknown Speaker 21:28
thought about and what you can think you can't you bring your sample ballot in with you. So you can go through and

Unknown Speaker 21:33
I don't think he's supposed to do that. Oh, yeah, he doesn't, when you go up to vote, you're supposed to have any documentation, not really in your hand. So like, you know how you walk up to the polls, and people hand you a bunch of stuff, you can put it in your purse, you know, but you're not I don't think your rules. ballot, I'm not sure but but if you pick, if you look at your ballot and study at home prior to you getting there, you can take your ballot, and you can take it to the polling station and drop it off. Which is a beautiful thing, because you don't have to wait in line at all. You know,

Unknown Speaker 22:02
that is option. That is an option because you can take your you can take your sample ballot, right, and just drop it off. I mean, I'm sorry, not just saying you can take your ballot

Unknown Speaker 22:11
Exactly. And just drop it drop it off at the county building. I mean, there are several different places where you at home, if you if you have been out there business owners and met all of your your folks in your area and you know who you want to vote for, you can fill that puppy out at home and drive right to wherever, you know, right right up to the county building, you can drop it off right there. So I would suggest you do that because snail mails moving a little bit moving a little slower, they may or may not get it. They they've come down a little bit, gas prices are coming down. So you could just drive yourself right up to the county building and take it right to the people.

Unknown Speaker 22:42
Let's see, for me, I like to push the buttons. I like to push the button. I want to push all the buttons. And I want my sticker. My sticker you need just I need my sticker. I understand. I bought my sticker.

Unknown Speaker 22:53
So they'll get the sticker. I mean, if you go on that, if you go on the day with your ballot, you can still receive a sticker.

Unknown Speaker 22:59
I want to guarantee that I'm gonna get my hand me my sticker. Because it says I voted Yeah. And I want to take my picture to save my selfie that says I voted right? I even posted nowhere, right? It's just for me.

Unknown Speaker 23:12
If for some strange reason, if you are a business owner, and you don't have a driver's license, which most of you probably do, you need to go get a state ID, because they're gonna ask to see your ID when you go to vote. If you vote in person, you know what I mean? They may ask to see your driver's license. And all they do is just matching up your signatures to what you're signing that day to your driver's license. So if you don't have a driver's license, make sure you have a state ID have some type of I don't think that they do have to have ID. They've asked me before not cool man out. They're supposed to but I don't remember

Unknown Speaker 23:39
ask. I don't remember them asking me for ID. Oh, yeah, money I pull

Unknown Speaker 23:43
I've had somebody has asked me. Okay, and I had to pull my ID out, which is no problem, right?

Unknown Speaker 23:48
Well, it's no problem. I mean, it's no problem anyway. But that's, um, I didn't. Okay, I don't know that I've always just signed and then they've given me my, my stuff. And I've gone but I've also, I've voted at I'm big on voting at the Pearson center on the big day when they come out there because I think that it's important for all communities to have access to voting centers, right. And because access is always the key, making sure that we maintain access, because a lot of times I know people didn't vote because they couldn't get there. Right, couldn't get there. But making sure there's access everywhere in every community, no matter what the income level is because the laws affect everybody.

Unknown Speaker 24:32
Yeah. And I think that in this state, if you had had a felony prior, you are now reinstated to vote. Is that correct? Yes, it is.

Unknown Speaker 24:38
Okay, it is if you are if yes, you get yesterday as you can get reinstated, you can get reinstated to vote.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
You can that's powerful.

Unknown Speaker 24:45
That's well,

Unknown Speaker 24:46
it is it's powerful, because, you know, some people who may have been convicted of a felony, you know, may or may or may not be, you know, they might have been innocent at the time you know, you just never know as well as thing

Unknown Speaker 24:57
about Victim Rights depending on what we're what Did depending on what the chart is and where to charge is will determine, you know, determines a lot of things right. And I know federal, whenever you are going to use a term that they use off paper, you write to automatically restore federal federal cases. For state in I'm not sure what the state but I know that you are you can get it, you are supposed to be able to get them restored. Right. But that's huge because felons have rights to this, right. They have rights to Yeah, and the right to vote is one of them. But your rights felony, if it's federal, federal felonies, once you are off paper, your rights automatically restored. I know, dependable, especially I know, DC better than most, right? But mostly all paper might automate less good, you know, so.

Unknown Speaker 25:50
So that means we need no matter who you're voting for, and which group you're part of everybody needs to vote. Everybody,

Unknown Speaker 25:56
everybody, everybody needs to vote, everybody needs to register. Let's get voted. I mean, let's go and vote. Because elections,

Unknown Speaker 26:06
again, they make the laws they do business owners, they make the laws, the law. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 26:11
I don't I and I wasn't the government wasn't my thing. And school wasn't you know, I like math, you know, the government, I didn't really pay a lot of attention to who did what, when, when, how and why. But I do understand that. Now, the people that make the laws, and you have to understand another thing is understanding who does what, right. So do a little research on a position to understand what they can do, because somebody working for school board can't tell you that they can make your rank golden. Right. Right now, and just understanding what that position. But what what does that position do? And I love it, because I was listening to Debbie Conway one day explaining what her position does. And I think she's the county rums. She's the county recorder, but explaining what the county recorder position does for Clark County. So I could understand, you know, she records everything, you know, you buy something, she recorded it yourself, you know, she's recording it, and just understanding what the position is, what the position does, like the judges, I'm like, you know, Family Court Judge justice of the peace, what, what does all of that mean? Explain to me what that means. Right cases? Do you see? Because Clark County? Well, Nevada is one of the few states where the judges are elected, a lot of places to judges are appointed. So judges are elected. But if you don't have a clue, right, what cases come before you like our you know, what cases come before you? What are you talking about? And how are you? I mean, what type of what type of attorney were you? What type of Judge will you be? Because I'm a person right? So guys, I know what some research that you have to do. I love the unions, because the unions get out there and they know again, being a part of something right big a bigger picture. Hmm. They understand the needs of their members. And they you know, they they talk about the needs of their members, they sure do. They talk about the needs of their members. So guys, it is time for us in Clark County, to to vote. Look out for those sample ballots. If you are not registered, you can still register to vote. Look out for the sample ballots. The sample ballots has all the voting locations I'm sure the ballot will have all the voting locations, you can mail the ballot in you can take you can fill the ballot out drop it off, it'll tell you the location. You can go to the early voting sites. You can also vote on Election Day. So many options. There's no reason for you not to vote

Unknown Speaker 28:46
many options. And on another note, I want to tell you about a couple of things that are going on hey, if you are Sheila E fan, she will be here June the fourth playing at the 100 Lagman a Las Vegas legacy gala fundraiser for more information visit www 100. Black man las vegas.org Thank you for listening to less talk with Lee and Rhonda. I'm Lea Crawford. I'm Rhonda Nolan and we'll see you next time bye bye bye

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