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Hi, this is Leah Crawford. And I'm Rhonda Nolan. Welcome to the let's talk with Liam Rhonda show. We're here for you and we're ready to go. Let's do it. Good morning. Las Vegas. How are you doing this Saturday morning is bright. It's sunny. Oh, wow. Happy Happy. Happy Saturday. Happy Saturday, Las Vegas. We're so glad you're joining us today and I want to wish my good friend a very, very happy happy birthday. Happy birthday. presents all monk. I'm going dinners all month presents all month because I am present. That's right gift. That's right present. That's right. But

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it was actually a good birthday girlfriends took me out to dinner. It was very nice. Very quiet. We had a ball because I like experiences.

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So if I do get some days, I like experiences she's like It's like experiences. I like the restaurant. It doesn't have to be expensive. Just an experience something different. Like we went to me and asked once a great The Great Wolf resort. Oh, and the experience of the indoor water because I've never been to an indoor waterpark. He never been to indoor waterpark. So now we got to go to another indoor waterpark. So I something else to put on the list. And we went to a restaurant where you cook the food and funny when you know I like you know,

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oh yeah, like a Benihana.

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It was no it was Korean barbecue. So same, same, same concept, but instead of them cooking the food you cook the food and girl you should see me I got the butter and the seasoning and I got the seasoning the food and turning it Oh yeah. Okay, I

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could do that at home. I'm not paying you to cook. Well, you're not

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paying them. Have you cooked your conversation. And you can see people get all involved and it just made the time go, I

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can do that in my house. But I'm glad you had a good time because it was your job

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my experience leads to your day,

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I'm glad you had a chance to do something fun that you'd like to do. You

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know, I love experiencing love experiences Anywho. So today, oh tax season. If you didn't if you have an 1120 S that means if you have an S corp, a multi member LLC, or C Corp. Your extension was due on March 15. And we had this conversation every month. If you didn't file the extension and you file your return, there may be a penalty that you get assessed because it's a failure to file penalty. The other tax deadline is coming up April 15. If you are not ready, file the extension but understand the extension is to file not to pay. So if you think that you are going to owe when you send in that extension send them some coins to send some coinage with the extension. So is an extension for I'm sorry, it's an extension to file not to pay planning. For more information please contact our office My name is Leah Crawford. Our office number is 702-382-5737 again 702-382-5737 We are here we are available. But today we have an amazing guests I came across this gentleman just in my network of friends and one of my friends when we were talking about habits and people with bad habits and and how do you get to whatever's next the discipline and he said you need to talk to my man voice. I was like talk to who you said I need to talk to my man Roy he's gonna break it down for you. I said I don't anybody tell me I got a bad shopping habit. I know that. He said Lee No, he's gonna help you work through it because maybe it's some other issues going on. And as every as you know, Ron, I'm big into personal development personal growth. Yes. And how do we because you can only grow as much as you personally develop. And if you stop you stop rolling and I don't want to stop rolling.

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That's why think about that. I always say I like to learn something new every day. Yeah, you got to keep the process going. So I absolutely believe in that. Well welcome Mr. Rory T Edwards to the less talk with Lee and Ron to show how are you doing this morning doing

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wonderful. Thank you all for having me. And how are you all doing?

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super fantastic. Amazing.

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because you've been a party and all you said what all your birthday

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well, you want to know what I'm not partying all right, um, experience experiences, I am experiences not party experiences. So now if the experience just don't happen to be at the party, that's what it is. You know, and Rhonda Tech, I mean it is experiences Rondon I do a bunch of different different things. way to things like we do rodeos. Bull Riding, okay? If this I'm like, okay, you know what, let's go, let's see. And we sit down and we giggle because this having experiences meeting different people, different backgrounds because we because she'll tell you when we sit down, I talk to everybody by the time we leave, I'm giggling and laughing with the people all around. And we just enjoyed the getting out getting to know people here and you know, talking to people, and I enjoy it. I enjoy because my work is not stressful, but it's very detail oriented and very focused, right? So I love to be able just to go somewhere and sink like we went to summer league and we had a ball we had people coming over, we just we had a boss, we talked that people all around us, I was handing out business cards.

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We did we went to the Las Vegas polo match that happens every time Yeah, it was a whole different experience. A whole different group of people doesn't go with Pete and it was great. And then

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we play dress up and we call the play dress up.

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Once you go you went to the what's it called? The horse races the bell mistakes and

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all that sound like the Belmont Stakes but they do it here so some something like that. And it's here and because we're in Vegas, there are so many different types of experiences. And we just want to we just want to go we just want to go like I know there's some other stuff coming up and I gotta let you know I think another rodeo because the other one was bull riding the rodeo was coming up. I went to the car show like I'm not I'd never been I had never been to the SEMA car show and I just went to the car show and I was just go to people in the place and they do and we just honestly just the just the experience is just to go just to see talk to because it's people of course you always have some big names in every industry. You know, but then they have you know, but they're everyday the big names they everyday people right you know they eat they drink they you know like to go shopping I like to party because I'm not a partier, but I'm okay with the experience,

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right? Based on text you a shopper.

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I am a shopper. I am a shopper. I got you. That's a bad head.

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We'll work that out. Yes.

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Do you want to know what I love? Yeah, and I do I am. I am not. Yeah, I am. My name is My name is Leah Crawford. I am a shopper.

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Today we have Mr. And she is going to help her just discuss why is it that she's shopping? Mr. Edwards has a book called The 13 commandments. Mr. Was tell us a little bit about your book.

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Well, this is part of a four series books or books or books that I have. The first one was primarily done. It was titled so you want to be a professional athlete. And that one is really about talking to prospective athletes, talking to parents, talking to coaches talking to all of those who are invested in these kids lives, to make them understand what that journey looks like to become a professional athlete. It is a journey. It's a total journey is a journey. And the one thing is reasons why is because so my foundation is in education. Okay. So I taught at all levels, from elementary all the way up to college, was the principal of a school started my own school had a weekend Academy for African American and Latino males under the auspices of the NAACP. So I was present in Connecticut, and open up a weekend Academy for like 11 years we did we just work with young men, African Americans and Latinos. But the reason why is because everywhere I went to speak, when I got an ask that proverbial question, what is it that you want to be? Most of our young brothers say I want to be a professional athlete or an entertainer, right? And so what do we do? First thing we say is well choose another career. Well, we got to choose another career, but we don't kill dreams either. Right? Right. So what I did is I said, Well, let me put a book together to tell them how this journey looks all right, and to tell their parents, because in the first chapter, that book I talked about, I tell the parents, they're the worst indicators of the child's true ability, right? Because it's emotion. And so we look at our children, we say, Oh, my God, yes, you want them to be amazing. But sometimes you got to look at also the makeup of if they do have any athletic ability, ability and DNA, you know, right, right. Because there's a lot of kids who love to be in competitive competitive sport, but will never make it past developmental, or will never make it past high school. Or when they do get to college. It's crazy, because I'll just share with you real quick as I gave you some information about some of these young men that I work with in the NFL, but the NFL numbers are are probably the most astonishing, because in developmental board is over 2.1 million young people who play developmental football, then when it goes to high school, so developmental developmental level is you know, before high school, okay, all the different clubs and cities So now when you go to high school, it boils down to 1.1 million, right? So we lose 900,000 Kids in the midst of developmental level to high school. Wow. And then from high school to college, it goes from 1.1 million to 72,000. In college, whoa. And so we lose about 900,000 individuals who trance transfer from high school to college to play college football, right vision 123. Now, when we go from college to the NFL Draft, there's only 355 that are selected every year. And there's about 150. So but they go to two camps, there's about 500 total. But out of 72,000, who are eligible, there's only 355 names called. So you have to really understand that journey. Right? The emotional sides of that. And that's the emotional roller coaster. And a lot of times, that's why we end up with these individuals who have self esteem issues, depression, all of those angers all of those things, because of the people that they listen to. And so I'm gonna move to my fourth book, which is, people don't lie. Numbers don't lie people do.

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I say that. Yeah, that's funny, because that's one of my, um, that's when I was like, but and then somebody told me they were like, numbers can lie, too. I said, but the people gotta manipulate enough. Yeah, people manipulate because if you put one on one on one on one on one, like, two, that's right,

Unknown Speaker 11:21
you know, this person. So a numbers person, right? But then that's the thing. But people also have to put the numbers up people's got into people, I tell

Unknown Speaker 11:27
people all the time you guys slip between your mouth. I don't want you talk down to you.

Unknown Speaker 11:33
Go ahead. No. So that's that one. And then the first the second book that we're talking about now is the 13 commandments. Okay. To within, then I have another one. That's called the power to the P, the power.

Unknown Speaker 11:42
Go ahead. I'm sorry. I know, I'm sorry. I did. I didn't I didn't turn the phone off. I know. Um, so that

Unknown Speaker 11:47
that book is sort of a 13 step. Also, synergistic. Mind Mapping?

Unknown Speaker 11:54
I haven't heard about love, you won't know what I haven't talked to someone that does mind mapping in a while. Okay. And I understand. I mean, I went through something where I just remind them, I did some mind mapping. And mind mapping is very interesting, because you'll be sometimes interested in shocked with the results. Because you might be thinking, okay, so I think this way, but when they start mapping your stuff out, you'd be like, oh, yeah, it's a different, it's exposes you to you,

Unknown Speaker 12:21
the whole thing. So that's the whole thing that I do. And so the 13 commandments book is just about, like 13 quotes, but also some universal traits that people should, should understand and follow and look at and, and try to try to absorb what they're going through, and then be accountable for

Unknown Speaker 12:42
what I love is and I am so looking forward because Rhonda will tell you, I am a reader. Okay, I am an avid reader, and I will probably know what I'm gonna do this week. I'm gonna read this book out there I'm doing you know I am and do all the exercises. So we can have another conversation. Because when we bring you back, I want to I really want to go through it. And what is it what is it like to have coaching services when we do you call them coaching services?

Unknown Speaker 13:06
Yeah, I call them instead of coaching coaching, I call it coaching but it's more of transformation, your transformational life experience because people because it's you making that that decision that me?

Unknown Speaker 13:17
What does your ideal client look like?

Unknown Speaker 13:20
A human me?

Unknown Speaker 13:22
That's good. They stay in a straight not alien. Alien,

Unknown Speaker 13:25
I want some aliens to because I can absorb from them. What's really going on in the future, right? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 13:29
I love that. I love it. I love it. I love it. So I'm reading the table of contents, and 20 plus 20. The final minus 40. Life equals minus this is the final this is minus four says 20 plus 20 equals the final minus 40. Life out is that what a dash was to be a day well to be a dash okay, so I'm just I'm a numbers versus I do not go right to the

Unknown Speaker 13:55
equation that is a dash because the minus sign will be closer to the floor. Okay, I'm

Unknown Speaker 13:59
just saying okay, I'm just saying, whatever. Tomato tomahto got it. And reading

Unknown Speaker 14:05
this what? What chapter when you were writing this, I guess, touched you the most? Because there's a lot of good things that hey, this is this is this

Unknown Speaker 14:17
is amazing. I think the one I think this is to welcome your purpose is not the most cliche. You know, everybody. Most people don't want to welcome their purpose. Most people are comfortable with living in your purpose, right? So they, they surround themselves around you, because they want to live in your purpose because you've already done the work. Right? So that's what I found in a lot of my clients is when you ask them about how do you define success, they'll start talking about a person. Right? So that person already define their success. How do you defy you to find yours? And then the other one, which is funny when you and I had our first conversation about and you spoke about it earlier. Are you traveling life through in coach come for the first class. And that's just based on, you know, Delta Airlines is the only one who has a first class coaching and comfort, right? And so that's just basically what it is. What is it? Because one of the things I always say the reason why I put that there is because I've always been told people always said to me, thank you, Ben. And everybody said, I am absolutely, I was always I always thought I was better than everybody. Because if that's the case, then I become you. Right?

Unknown Speaker 15:30
You know, I, like, you know, I like, I like I like spin on Word, you know, that's my thing, the spin on words, gotta go ahead. So

Unknown Speaker 15:37
that's all because I say, if you end up if you and I together, either I become you or you become me. But what's gonna happen is the one who is the who's the more dominant and what our visions and goals are, why they get tired of the other individual, right? Or we'll help them also build an empire. So we have two pyramids next to one another, instead of one. And we're both building our journeys and our dreams. And so I tell people, if you go into and this is, this is crazy, but you'd have to use sometimes things that make people think about it. But I said, if you have a good friend who, who's a substance abuser, and they in the crack house every day, and you go into the crack house every day to get them out. If you don't get them out, eventually what will happen is, you'll become a crackhead. Right? So that's what I said, when you robbed me that become you, you become me. And I'm always trying to be the best I possibly can be every day because every day is about, I always believe that you it's a second chance at a first impression everything. Well, you

Unknown Speaker 16:40
know what the interesting, I'm glad you say that. Because the speak to that. It's like I know, with your friends, my mother used to say that she was like, if you, if you all your friends are doing one thing, you're going to end up being that person. So if you're in high school, be around the people that are going to college, because then guess what, you won't go to college. Be right, you know, just like minded entrepreneurs, most of my friends are entrepreneurs, I have a few that work, but most of them are entrepreneurs. Because we think differently. Our conversations are different. Absolutely. And we, when we meet new entrepreneurs, and we you know, hey, get past the first three, four years. Absolutely. And we're going to encourage you don't get frustrated, but we're not going to have that conversation with you. When you thinking oh, this missus is not gonna work. Yeah. And I'm like, No, you got to keep you got to keep on pushing.

Unknown Speaker 17:24
Gotta keep pushing, keep pushes, you just never know. And, and the thing is, is that sometimes you may have it in your schedule, for example, you need to take a meeting with someone you want to do business with, and in the meeting gets cancelled. And you say, Oh, that was terrible. No, you keep pushing, you reschedule that meeting, you know, that meeting might not happen for a year or two later. But when the timing is right, the meet, the meeting will happen. The presentation will go great. And the outcomes will be fantastic.

Unknown Speaker 17:51
What I've noticed is is that a lot of times, but personal development, looking at yourself in the mirror, and really, really looking at yourself in the mirror, because we talked about Bikram yoga to him, you know, you got to stand in the mirror and look at yourself. And I'm like, I can't change you. I can't change you. I can change me. Right? And if I don't like something, change it and what I like about coaching and therapy and all I know for people, it is no, it's a lot because well, I have no I do I do have and all three got a therapist, because me and him we gotta talk about some other stuff. Because my coach is not necessarily my therapist, I need somebody that's this that is licensed to talk about certain issues, so we can diagnose it, and let's deal with it. And let's talk about it. Because I had no idea what daddy issues were. And so my therapist had explained it to me, I was like, I got all them, you know, and it was manifesting in different ways. But as we worked on them, it was alright, but facing you, I think is huge.

Unknown Speaker 18:57
So tell me something. How many students have you worked with over the years? Wow. So

Unknown Speaker 19:04
I've been doing this at least for two years, but I'm only 41

Unknown Speaker 19:10
Amazing one year old. I love amazing one.

Unknown Speaker 19:13
Benjamin Button so I came on. So yeah, I probably been doing it a good 40 years early 80s.

Unknown Speaker 19:21
What made you start to start to work with with high school students and an elementary school students and junior high students that are in sports. What What led you to this?

Unknown Speaker 19:30
Well, I was a pretty decent athlete. But the one thing is that I saw so many of the young brothers get lost in the system. And then understanding what was their future. You know, I explained to them you could become you could become something much you can still be connected to athletics. Just think about all of the other things that serve athletics. You may not be you may not be your destiny to be an NFL Play NBA player, major league baseball, soccer A Olympian, all of those things, but you may be able to help these people to become better at what they do. And so let's try this, you know, how many athletes need attorneys? How many athletes li CPAs, how many athletes, the educators, how many athletes, the therapists, right? How many athletes and the coaches, you know, real estate agents, all of these things that you can still be connected to these particular athletes. But the one thing is that our young boys put too much emphasis in that. And then at the end of the day, it's almost like a ticket to the end of the road. And you can't come back. So you either gotta jump or learn how to fly, right? And so when you try to jump, you go die. And if you learn how to fly, you go with that. And so a lot of them are just walking around empty shells. You know, what no directs. And, and also, I was always told, I remember, I grew up in the era where it was always good to get the information from the elders. So I used to sit down with older men and just listen to him talk sometimes. And sometimes I said, there was a gentleman who lived on our street, and every day he come home, he'd be drunk, his cooter Brown. He was down with down the street all the way down the street. But every morning at five o'clock, he was up and going to work every day, right? And I remember one time we were young, and we said to him, Cecil, you're gonna get fired. He says, I'm doing something that you all had never do. He said, I've been working for this company for 40 years, and I never missed a day. But every day honestly, like clockwork, he come down that street, stumbling stone. I mean, I don't know how he got to the house. But he gets you. I

Unknown Speaker 21:34
know what though that discipline, somewhere along the line, the discipline, the work ethic, is, is lost, because because everybody is everybody wants everything fast. Everything is a microwave. So some

Unknown Speaker 21:45
people have it some people, some people, some people's DNA, and in some people's isn't that, that tell you my mother's generation, my mother's father's generation, the baby boomer generation, they were baby boomers, you may be you're taught to get a job and work it for 40 years, right? You were taught to go to school, get education, go to that job working for 40 years, retire, and then do whatever you want to do. But that changed what our error with our air and our error said, listen, yeah, you can go to school, you can learn a whole lot of stuff. But you don't have to just do one job. You can be great at several things, you know, so So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:18
next generation said, we just want to offer jobs. Right? And we will say, hey, if they don't even like you, they quit. Don't come back.

Unknown Speaker 22:27
But And the funny thing is that when you talk about the generations, I know, even in your I guess in what you do, is it is do you find the needs different from dealing? Well, of course, they're in a different aspect of their lives. But you've dealt with, because you've been here for 40 years, you've seen different types of 30 year olds. Yes. So what's the major difference from like the 30 year old you might see today, as opposed to 30 year olds from 30 years ago?

Unknown Speaker 22:52
I think it's the greatest tool listening, listening, you know, I mean, I may not have believed what you were saying. But I listened. And then like, you know, the old saying that they say, is used to take, it's like a sponge, you take everything in and squeeze out what you need and and get rid of what you don't need. Right. So now, it's just a mere fact of young people. I talked to young people, they want to challenge me, they'll pull up the thing on the phone real quick. Oh, yeah. Because they everything is Google Plus Google, right. I tell people Google me, but but that's the thing. But the one thing, the one thing that I did find is that they really want information. It's just a source, right? Because like you were saying about you all your friends, entrepreneurs, most of you, most of them. I tell people look at your circle of influence. What is your circle of influence? When I talk to these kids? Who are the people you're getting information from? And what is their information? And how did they acquire their information? Right? And, you know, something that they got real quick from somebody. I had a young boy, honestly, in North Carolina one time, who wants to almost Fight me, but I had to let him know that he could call his mother and let her know he wasn't coming home today. Right? And I said he wants to fight me because he said that. Ray Ray told him that he can he could go to the NBA playing AAU. And I said that's not possible, sir. He says, Yes, sir. I told you, he said, like Ray Ray, I'm just using Ray Ray's legal advice.

Unknown Speaker 24:24
So I said, Ray Ray that he said, I said, Where's Ray Ray Ray now? He said, he's at home in the neighborhood. I said, so why would Ray Ray give you information that he wasn't able to apply? Right? And he said, Well, I don't mean nothing. He just got better. He got bamboozled. He got all you know all the words. All excuses. Excuses. I said, Well, young man, it's not gonna happen. He got so mad at me. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 24:48
and I don't know a lot about the NFL, the NBA except that they play games. Right? I don't know anything about mutant Well, you know, but I do know that It is a special talent and a special discipline absolutely to get there, it's a network because even some of the best players don't make it for a whole host of reasons. So it's a whole lot of things that go into becoming that professional sports player. Yes, it is. And but you're right. But with your books, so your client, like you said, is any human? How do I say if I wanted to be your client? What would be like the first conversation we would have?

Unknown Speaker 25:27
We would just have an initial conversation, then do I give you an assessment and assessment, which really talks about these things, the nine phases of development to wellness, right? So you would answer these nine phases on a survey. And then it would show you where your balance is, and where you are out of balance. And all of these particular areas, you know, your your physical, your intellectual, your emotional, relational, occupational, cultural, spiritual, financial, environmental, all go together, and they all go together. And that's what completes deciphering your life. Right? So you answer those questions, and then you see a score. And from that score, then we talk about how do we improve the score? Right? How do we improve the score in this area? Because somebody may say, Well, you know, my relationship is good. Well, define good define good, right? So that's what I do always play on the word games when you tell me what a word I'm gonna say what define it, because now you define it. Now I know how to think and talk to you about my, my good may be different than your good. All right. And so when you define it now I'm able to know how I dress.

Unknown Speaker 26:31
Nice. I love it. I love it. Well, I want to say it has been an amazing conversation with you Mr. Edwards. I I'm looking forward to bringing you back again so we can delve deeper because I think this is this is this is awesome. This is awesome. Right? If

Unknown Speaker 26:49
you'd like to purchase any of Mr. It was books for your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, for yourself or for yourself. You can find them at worry T edwards.com

Unknown Speaker 27:01
R o r y T as in Tom Edwards, Edwar d s just like the sounds Rory T. edwards.com.

Unknown Speaker 27:14
And today we've been talking about the 13 commandments. This is his latest book he has out he has several out but

Unknown Speaker 27:20
Rhonda what I like is, you know, it's 10 commands in the Bible, right? But this 13 is, it takes it to a whole nother level. It just makes you think about and have different conversations. We should do a book club and read this. We should we should do a book club, read it and bring some women around to talk about it so you can get our feedback on what we think absolutely. Our truth is, this is my truth. It's not your truth is my truth. And all

Unknown Speaker 27:45
I'm doing is looking at you like okay, she truthful, she true.

Unknown Speaker 27:51
To her shopping habits. Well, with that being said, it has been an amazing, amazing Saturday. Enjoy your Saturday workout round you just need to work out.

Unknown Speaker 28:02
I mean, you must work out today. Don't forget it's so beautiful outside, you must go outside for your walk and just just remember Las Vegas. The 100 Black men of Las Vegas has several programs coming up. They have a crossroads to mentoring session for 15 to 18 year olds. So if you have a son that needs some extra mentoring 100 Black men las vegas.org. Also, there's a virtual cooking class coming up. You can also contact 100 Black men las vegas.org Or check out the Facebook page for more information. Las Vegas, it's been fantastic. Mr. Rory, it was it was fantastic having you here today. I learned a lot we're gonna have you back and we're absolutely gonna read this book with our friends. Leah Crawford. It's your birthday.

Unknown Speaker 28:46
This weekend birthday to me by Las Vegas by Las Vegas.

Unknown Speaker 28:51
You've been listening to less talk with Lee and Rhonda Have a great weekend

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